Watch The Lion King online free | The Lion King full movie free online

Watch The Lion King online free | The Lion King full movie free online

Watch The Lion King online free: Although it was created was for almost 20 years, the hand-drawn classics of Walt Disney still has charisma with children in any generation.

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Before the days when the technology Pixar animation by computer to the throne, for a time the whole world was fascinated by the works of the classic animated Disney hand-drawn. If you have to choose a representative for his films, no work that could rival The Lion King

Launched in 1994, the same lion Simba chatter Timon and Pumbaa friends still fascinated generations of audiences, not just children but also adults. Brilliant images, epic, romantic music the same storyline and contains many hidden deep human message, The Lion King still stands as a monument to the Disney cartoon. Watch more movies at hd movies online free

Watch The Lion King online free

Watch The Lion King online free: The return of the King

Young people today, referring to the name Disney often think about channels with the same name with the teen idols like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez … But with the crowd of older, childhood they were attached to the fascinating journey in the world of animation, with lessons about life, love is told through it. Disney name became immortalized with the characters as Bambi, the wooden Pinocchio, Cinderella or Mickey Mouse …

Has a stage, the film produced by Disney under underdog compared to competitors after the departure of founder Walt Disney. Not to lose stature giants in the production of these works nourished the imagination of children, Disney made masterpieces in the late 1980s to early 2000. Known as “the Renaissance period Disney “, the audience this generation continually enjoy the movie as appealing to moderate significance as the Little Mermaid, beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the lamp, Mulan and Tarzan … In the back he strongly Disney, the Lion king is the absolute king both commercially and artistically.

Was born in 1994 – the year that world cinema “bumper” of classic films such as Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction – The Lion King is still the highest grossing film with $ 783 million worldwide (currently is 951 million after re-released in 3D in 2011). Film won a Golden Globe, two Academy Awards and was hand-drawn animated film grossing of all time.

When introduced to Broadway, the famous story has won six Tony Awards and led the red stage lights always here since 1997. The Lion King merchandise, such as souvenirs or electronic games are sold briskly, while the DVD or videotape of the movie has sold 55 million copies to make.

So what’s causing this cartoon is so popular? Beautiful image? Music attracted? Participation voices of famous stars? These factors are right but insufficient, by The Lion King will not live forever in the audience so if lacking a deep storyline and contains meaningful messages.

The Lion King

Wonders of animation: Watch The Lion King online free

Set the context in the kingdom of animals in Africa under the reign of king lion Mufasa (James Earl Jones voiced), the film takes the viewer follow the footprints of lions chatter Simba (Jonathan Thomas), son of Mufasa. He is father to teach something or, perhaps right from childhood and is expected to become a wise emperor as his father later. However, this plan met with envy wicked uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons), who always aspire throne and jealous of the power and the love he himself had been.

Scar colluding with the hyenas to harm Mufasa, this all makes you intelligent unjust died while trying to save the life of his son. Not only that, he also makes Simba thought he had caused the death of his father, made little lion forced to leave the land that goes. This makes Scar became heir of the throne valid and put this country sink into the dark days.

Leaving the herd, Simba look to a place far away, where he was friends with wild boar Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella) and mink Timon (Nathan Lane) – creatures fun fed and taught him how to live “very investment “Hakuna Matata. Perhaps adult Simba (Matthew Broderick) will forever live carefree life so if one day, the boy did not see her old friend Nala (Moira Kelly).

She was this beautiful lioness for Simba know life at home he was worse to how under the rule of Scar and hungry hyenas. She helped Simba realizes true mission of his return and reclaim his throne, and put “life cycle” (The Circle of Life – the theme song of the movie) return true meaning and its rules.

With the first child was watching The Lion King, perhaps the opening moments of the film is an unforgettable impression. Meanwhile, the African animal world to be informed about the birth of Simba and all gathered together under large rocks, where lions live. In the sunny dawn, lion Simba with bewildered eyes were again raised at the hands of an old monkey Rafiki, in admiration of all life and witness of the father and the queen. Picture was tragic fascinating mix of music of The Circle of Life is full of symbolic and hard to fade in the viewer.

To be able to convey to the audience memorable footage so, Disney filmmakers spent three years researching the species, the African context and drawing. One million drawings were made, of which 119 058 to 1,197 background and scenes are drawn and colored entirely by hand. In return, we get a film colorful, with forests, lush, gorges full of dust, the morning blazing sun or the night sky dark blue velvet. African vast wilderness, home to hundreds of animals with enough nuances, has appeared so beautiful.

One can hardly blame the music of the film, from the soundtrack to the theme song when they were compiled by the great names. By singer-songwriter famous British Elton John lyricist and composer Oscar winner Hans Zimmer coordinating the implementation, the tone of The Lion King colorful as yourself movie – sometimes tragic, time softly romantic …

Two song Circle of Life and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? are nominated for an Oscar, in which the latter song won the golden statue of the Academy as well as the 1995 Grammy-nominated “best song”. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? used in romantic scenes between Simon and Nala, and the song’s music video for Elton John accompanist images and backstage footage film is also a beautiful memories of the 1990s

Watch The Lion King

The Lion King: The epic about fatherly love

Beautiful images, great music, but The Lion King always be remembered by the spiritual value it brings. With adults, they may recognize the plot in the film Shakespeare’s Hamlet and children do not need to know such details to feel the beauty of the work. Viewers can turn on laughing before the prank of Timon and Pumbaa, immersed in the sweet melody of love songs in the context of the nature of Africa … but remains forever will remain a lesson fatherhood e.

Who can forget the proud gaze of seeing Simba Mufasa is welcome at the movies, or when he took him around the kingdom and taught the first lesson? Be strict with Mufasa Simba but is also the most child injured when he sacrifices protect him from the trap that Scar spread out.

Audience can directly feel the love for each other father Mufasa, the climax is when he shows up in the cloud fades into the night sky and tells Simba that he will always grow up with him. That is how an animated film touched viewers’ minds and stay there as a memory, valuable lessons – though the audience is children or grown.

In 2011, Disney released to The Lion King in 3D and still successful even when the film accounted for box office crown. Why a movie has been out for 17 years, can be viewed on DVD or the Internet easily re still smoking so much? The answer is simple: The Lion King is a classic animated film has no age and possesses the humanistic message was timeless, about friendship, love and fatherly love.

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