Watch Song of the sea online free | Watch Song of the sea 123movies

Watch Song of the sea online free | Watch Song of the sea 123movies

Watch Song of the sea online free: The cartoon co-produced by Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg has a poetic story and deals with facing human suffering.

Visitors to Ireland are often surprised by the spectacle of seagulls playing with waves. Sometimes the seals head up to the water watching the guests as far as intently and curious. Local people still tell each other the legend of “selkie” – “seals”. They are mythical creatures, and when they drop the skin of seals, they become beautiful men and women.

An ordinary man may fall in love with a selkie, trying to hide her hair and marry her. But this relationship is often short-lived because once selkie finds his fur, they will return to the sea and never return.

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Based on the legend of the selkie, Irish director Tomm Moore created the animated movie Song of the Sea. The film was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Animated Feature” this year. When it came to winning Big Hero 6, the titular tribute was unconstitutional and suggested that the US Academy had spent too much favor on the “chicken house” Disney. Outstanding films such as The Tale of Princess Kaguya or Song of the Sea were not honored.

Bearing in mind the Celtic culture, Song of the Sea is the story of two brothers Ben and Saoirse, living in a beach lighthouse. Years ago, the mother gave birth to Saoirse and disappeared in the silver. Ben’s brother has always blamed him for bullying her, claiming that she is the cause of her mother’s death. The father was so sad that he neglected to neglect two children. Their grandfather welcomed Ben and Saoirse back to the city for caring. However, the two children tried to escape to the lighthouse.

Your return journey is a close encounter with fairies, great storytellers, scary sorcerers, or all the mythical characters that appear in your mother’s story.

Song of the Sea is the intersection of the real world and the fairyland. Next to the bus, radio or ship of the modern world, is another world: the world of forgotten myths. There are fossilized giants, predators who wish to return to their homeland, old witches who are capable of draining human emotions … All are waiting for deliverance and salvation. the singing from the last selkie.

Song of the Sea is a film dark atmosphere of the myth. The movie is soaring and brilliant like a dream. Tomm Moore chose storytelling without a climax, a hit, a drama. Instead, the rhythm of the movie is slow, gentle, like the sound of the waves clattering the cliffs or as the mother used to sing lullaby to Ben before.

The film has many similarities with The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Both are hand-drawn, mostly from lead and watercolors. If Kaguya had a simple, minimalistic way of painting, Song of the Sea was brilliant and detailed to every detail. Green, blue, and blue make Song of the Sea stand out from the other Oscar-nominated animated films.

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Both The Princess Kaguya and Song of the Sea are deeply rooted in folk legends. Both are tales of supernatural creatures, living with humans for a short period of time, when forced to return to their race. Both films also deal with human suffering.

In the story of the bamboo fairy, Kaguya is forced to wear a gown, to forget the past sadness before flying to heaven. In the Song of the Sea, the witch Macha chose to suck up emotions to help himself and others not to suffer. However, if Song of the Sea chooses a bright, child-friendly tale, director Isao Takahata’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya leaves more resentment.

Music is also a plus point of Song of the Sea. The combination of flute, harp, bodhran drum and dulcimer creates a peaceful, quiet and mystical atmosphere of old stories. Children should watch this movie to learn how to live in harmony and love their siblings. Adults should watch because only adults can perceive the uniqueness, poetry in the story, pictures and music that the film brings.

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