Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers

Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers

Director: Benny Boom
Writers: Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez
Stars: Demetrius Shipp Jr., Danai Gurira, Kat Graham

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Review Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers by ezramandela: No Eyez on You…

To be honest, this movie gets way too much hate than its supposed to. Judging from the trailers, and Biggie’s biography, this was not something i was going to see on the theater. I was really let down by biggies biography so my expectations were not that high for this movie. I saw it last week, almost a month after it hit theaters and I have to say I was neither too let down nor was i impressed. The movie showed me what I already knew about Tupac, and i didn’t see anything worth all the hype LT Hutton put into this movie. Apart from some things being pointed out as being false by Jada and others who were close to Tupac, you can get an actual first hand account of the events highlighted in this movie from documentaries and videos in YouTube. The people who developed the script for this movie did not in any way bother themselves with showing us detailed events in Pac’s life, and every scene seemed to be missing something once we jumped to another scene. Even though he did his best, Shipp wasn’t really convincing as Pac, and most of the acting in the movie was sloppy. Kat was okay as Jada. What annoyed me the most was Snoop’s voice over. It was just stupid. On overall, the movie could have been better, especially considering the caliber of the person it revolved around. Tupac was a great story teller and poet, and he deserves to be rightfully acknowledged. He wasn’t perfect, but he made the most out of the little time he had on this earth to do all the good he could for himself and those he cared for. I really hope that someday the right studio will actually buy the rights to make these biographies about artists and completely invest themselves in creating a rap movie universe. That way there wouldn’t be any inconsistencies. In my view Straight Outta Compton was a great start, and the next movie should have picked up from where it left off, with the same actors reprising their roles where necessary.

Review Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers by retailnoob1980: Completely underrated film…

This movie has gotten a lot of hate…and I don’t understand it. Fantastic acting, good pace, and very accurate (at least a REAL 2Pac fan will know it is). Personally thought it was better than Straight Outta Compton, which was also a very good film. Demetrius Shipp completely embodies Tupac, it’s so eerie how much he looks like him honestly. Very good movie that you should watch for yourself and ignore all critics and their opinions.

Watch all eyez on me online free

Review Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers by RforFilm: I doubt you can “Keep Ya Head Up” for All Eyes on Me”. It shows the events of his life, but learn nothing of the personality of Tupac

Back in 2009, Notorious followed the career of hip-hop artist Notorious B.I.G. and his eventual murder. While I enjoyed the movie’s look at the controversial star, it left more to be desired as he was more complex then the movie led to believe. It was also light on his friendship to Tupac. Tupac was his friend and rival, and yet, they had similar backgrounds. Both came from the ghettos of New York and both were intelligent people despite having no academic interest. What made Tupac different was that he had more of a political agenda with his music and felt that people had to step into his world before escaping it. You would think that Hollywood would want to tell Tupac’s story.

From what I could gather, a Tupac movie had been in development hell for years with filmmakers like Spike Lee and John Singleton slated to direct. A lot of the holdback has to do with Tupac’s mother who simply wanted her son’s story to be told right. That cannot be easy to do as her son’s work was considered so honest about urban issues that rappers and academics still study Tupac’s poetry. Is All Eyez on Me the Tupac story we’ve been waiting for?

We open in 1970 where Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur (played by Danai Gurira) is a member of the Black Panthers and having been acquitted of charges related to the Panther 21 bombing planning, while being pregnant. Throughout Tupac’s childhood, he sees his mother as a role model as she continues to push issues for Black Americans and fight for a place to stay. Cut to Tupac (played by Demetrius Shipp Jr.) as a teenager who is moving around from Baltimore to Oakland, California as he continued to excel in drama and poetry while seeing that dark reality of his environment.

His talent for rapping encourages him to start recording where he’s seen as a representation for the ghetto, especially for Interscope Records who helps him record 2Pacalypse. The album was well received, but gained controversy as far up as Vice President Dan Quayle for is lyrics. Regardless, Tupac continues his image as a “thug” for the art and is eventually signed on to Death Row Records by Surge Knight. Tupac does his best to juggle his material, dealing with his various court charges, and talking with fellow artists like Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy, and Snoop Dogg.

Having listened to his music, I can say that there has to be a way to portrayed the complexity that this Tupac and All Eyez on Me is not that. Is the movie bad? Not exactly, but everything here feels safe, like it was produced by committee to ensure that a mainstream audience would like it. Given that the movie already hints at songs like “Brenda’s Got a Baby”, they should have gone all the way to show how dark Tupac’s world was to balance out the lighter scenes. The script feels more like a Wikipedia description of the rappers life without fully diverging into his personality.

Probably the best thing about the movie is Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac. It’s not even because his performance is that good (though you can tell that he’s struggling with a screenplay that gives him little to work with), but that he look’s a lot like the late artist. The rest of the actors seem to be casted well, but ironically for the film’s long running time, I barely felt like that I got to learn much about anyone.

As far as the film direction is concerned, it’s a mixed bag. There are times when it can look really nice, especially during the concert sequences, but then other parts are like a TV movie for Lifetime. This really needed to be handled by a Martin Scorsese or the crew from Straight Outa Compton, just someone that could take a lot of the philosophical ideologies about Tupac and structure it better.

I’ll give this five albums of Tupac out of ten. Maybe hardcore Tupac fans might get into this, but I have a feeling that they’re going to leave the theater wanting more. New combers will get most the events that happened, but will not learn much about his personality. If you really wanted to know the guy better, I’d say listen to his music and pick up a book before seeing this movie. If you see this movie and have the same thoughts, then “Holler if you Hear Me”.

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Review Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers by jmarinko925: A well structured interesting presentation of a story you may already know

Upon viewing the trailer for All Eyez on Me I had mixed emotions of seeing a retelling of Tupac’s life story. The previous film Tupac Resurrection had done such a wonderful job of presenting his story (in his own words nonetheless)that I saw a film about him doing more harm to the legends legacy than good. I was pleasantly surprised as All eyez on me delved into Tupac’s revolutionary upbringing and background. I understand many aspects of the film were fictionalized for maximum dramatic effect and perhaps it was in poor taste to reopen some old wounds. That aside the lead actor portrayed Tupac beyond expectation. He had me believing in his portrayal of Tupac the entire film his humor, anger and intensity were all present. The film succeeds as a period film as well as the late 90’s California Love time frame times earlier are captured to a tee.

I can recall the late great sportswriter Dick Schaap expressing sadness that children growing up at that time were completely unaware of who two sport legendary athlete Bo Jackson was. It was his feeling that such a talented and impressionable figure from our past should not be forgotten. When asking myself if this film was at all necessary I share his sentiment with regard to Tupac as he should also not be forgotten. It is for this reason that a film like this is still relevant as well as important.

Review Watch all eyez on me online free | Watch all eyez on me putlockers by osvfelices-23522: Amazing movie

I just don’t understand all the bad reviews about this money! Even 50 cent tweet the movie was garbage but what does he knows? In the other hand Snoop Dogg who actually knew 2pac thinks the movie is great. This movie is about Tupac Amaru Shakur the man behind his fame. I don’t think people understand that. Honestly lately this site is full of crap reviews and spoiler … Is getting a bit annoying. So my advice is: Go and watch the movie and after get your own conclusion.






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