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Born and raised in Santa Monica, Jack was an only child of her parents but had 5 siblings the same blood. Three of them are stepchildren from a previous marriage of the mother, while the other two are the children of his father, one before and one after he and Judy divorced. The main confusion in family relationships has led the life of Jack becomes more difficult, and to describe life at that time, Jack just said, “It’s funny, but laugh out loud.”

Two parents had done research engineer rockets and satellites, but the only son of now they do not follow their parents. From small Jack was very creative and droll sense of humor like the others. He was a comedian of the school where he studied. Jack often trick by hiding wires in people and then to ropes which incidentally turned out that he is a great kids robotics.

After the collapse when Jack was 10, he followed her to live in a house with 8 bedrooms for rent in Culver City near the MGM studios. A neighbor made a music journalism helped Jack with the first insights about the music taking him to see Fleetwood Mac programs and Simon & Garfunkel. Brother Howard Siegel was the second person to influence Jack when his brother brought to the program of Devo in Santa Monica.

Growing up, Jack studied at the University of California in Los Angeles and has always proved to be a hassle hate school students in science, only unique passion and art work related to theater. First professional onstage Jack is during the Edinburgh Festival in 1989. Main Finge Tim Robbin’s who helped him during the initial startup and subsequent career.

Jack has made a start with some small role in Mars Attacks and Enemy of the State. After a period of efforts, he won a leading role in High Fidelity. John Cusack helped him breakthrough in his career and his role in Shallow Hal to life beside the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow. Apart from acting, Jack was one other big passion is rock band Tenacious D. with therefore in School of Rock, he seemed to have found the opportunity to express their talents on both fields. After the film debuted, the band Jack seemed to be “aromatic spread” because of his popularity.

Actor whose big eyes often makes people more believe that he is an actor specializing in comedy. But actually he is an actor who can play in a variety of genres, not just a guy who appeared on the small screen to amuse the audience. Evidence that he has a competitor very “tough” is Philip

Jack Black music movies

School of Rock is one of the musical – grossing comedy “crisis” the most, bringing Jack Black’s character became one of the most impressive teachers widescreen. The film tells the Dewey Finn (Jack Black), a fanatic of Rock. Was kicked out of his own band, is in the midst of debt and despair, Finn has inadvertently become a substitute teacher at a private school known for its iron discipline. Super diluted rocker and the kids only know education – both parties seemed irreconcilable, eventually find common ground in music. Together they simmering intend to establish a rock band.

The film gives the viewer a variety of situations cry smile when rocker class teacher, facing students flood smart but mischievous. School of Rock, true to its name, is a Rock music inspire viewers: Do not fear anything, keep pursuing his true passion. Throughout the film, we will hear great songs from famous rock band AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, …

Kyle Gass in 2007 he made the film on the topic titled Rock Band minh.Nam 2008 he joined voices for the animated Kung Fu Panda films to storm the charts Dream Work earned more than 300 million U $$ Along year he participated in the comedy Tropic Thunder Ben Stiller with the participation of big names like Robert Downey Jr. Tom Cruise .Tung was voted best comedy actor along with Ben sitller, Steve Carell, Will FARELL, brothers Wilson and Owen Wilson Luck

Jack Black to challenge myself with sounds for the first time with the actor, who owns multiple roles, large and small, such as shoulder Hal Larson in Shallow Two, Dewey Finn in the movie School of Rock or character Carl Denham in King Kong, … With the appearance looks unique and characteristic acting, Jack was Decu and received major awards small batch production vedien. However, no mention can not voice strong voice, saying humor characteristic voice is one of the main tochinh Jack Black to your thehien in the field of film.

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In 1994, Jack Black and Kyle Gass friends founded the rock band Tenacious D. Pursuing hard rock genres – genres with just guitars featured electricity as the main instrument independence, male artist born in 1969 as possible current flexibility of transformation in its timbre. Wide intervals with high negative tone bright, warm and thick low notes, Jack in the lead role as a vocalist of the band Tenacious D was widely loved. Tenacious D has now released 4 albums, most recently, the band won the award excellence Best Metal Performance at the 2015 Grammy.

Voiced – or in other words is the voice acting, the art field next Jack Black build buzz. Jack is the voice behind the series of cartoon character famous as Zeke in the Ice Age, Lenny the Shark Tale … however, the greatest success of Jack in this area not to mention the voice of the character bears Po in the famous film series Kung Fu Panda. Behind character Po bears are millions of children around thegioi love is a voice artist Jack Black devoted to each sound, each dialogue of pandas. Bring sound to the characters do not really, like Jack has brought life to the character, making the animals cartoon idea far-fetched, idea senseless become close and vivid than ever.

12/08 last day, Jack Black participate in the entertainment program Infinity Challenge – one of the leading entertainment show Korea’s challenge: listen and … sing the songs of K-Pop. But the language barrier is not that powerful sound instincts of Jack vethanh affected. Male artist successfully completed the tasks Dera in the surprise of the people without knowing a word of Korean, simultaneously cast the show, Jack brought much laughter to attract viewers in episode Infinity Challenge play the last wave.

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