Best Zac Efron movies – Zac Efron new movie

Best Zac Efron movies – Zac Efron new movie

Zac Efron new movie: Winning over 30 awards, handsome, masculine appearance and huge number of fans, Zac Efron seems to lack the good fortune to break even though he owns a lot of impressive role models on the screen. !

Great talent but not the right role

At the age of 18, Zac caught the eye of director Kenny Ortega and immediately became the “prince Eric in the fairy” of many girls, when she played the lead role in the drama High School musical .

The sun-kissed smile, blue eyes sucked and the good-natured pupils quickly help Zac shaping male idol, soulmate million girls … making the old magazine Rolling Stone also titled him “The new face will steal America’s heart.”

Zac has been active in the film industry, where he has been able to hit the likes of Hairspray (2007), 17 Again (2009) and The Lucky One (2012). in accordance with previous standards.

A year later, he unexpectedly got his name on a more serious film project than Parkland – the first film directed by Peter Landesman. Taking a historical theme revolves around the massacre of President John F. Kennedy, the film is rated as pretty average.

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It is worth mentioning that Zac’s acting in the film received much positive praise, similar to the shock Zac made to the public when he joined The Paperboy with his sister Nicole Kidman. It can be said, Jack Jansen in The paperboy is still the most courageous career he has so far.

Fans have certainly not forgotten the hot scene Zac acted with Nicole, and more importantly he also accept the same amateurs who show the bold intentions of film director Lee Daniels led to quite intense criticism from the female fans and hardcore audiences.

Zac’s sacrifice and efforts also earned him the nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 2012 Village Voice nationwide poll.

Ambition is the ticket office king?

After attempting to change his image, trying to film low-budget independent … not convince the crowd, Zac returned to the field with some kind of comedy label 18+ that rained on the cinema a few years ago .

Unfortunately, once again Tats Awkward moment, Neighbors, Dirty Grandpa, despite terrible sales, is badly damaged, typically Dirty Grandpa last year won 8 nominations. But not lucky win.

Perhaps with the 18+ comedy and content plotting, Zac continues to receive a host of invitations and … succeeds: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Mike and Dave Need wedding dates just from the hitch to the words but not the capital hole.

By the end of 2017, Zac has two completely different roles: a talented actor in The Disaster Artist and a circus actress in The Greatest Showman . The following role promises to be the most spectacular expedition ever to him.

The new erotic symbol of the United States

Back in the summer with Baywatch – a social drama with a sports background set in the beautiful coast, it seems Zac Efron wants to confirm again for the title of 5 sexiest male actors in the world. Glamor poll.

The rock climber with the height and body is overwhelming but Zac Efron is no less, especially the guy is very hard to show off the muscles in the pre- Baywatch movie trailers in the main theater. 2 – 6 days.

Always appear in the image attractive, bustling so it is not difficult to call Zac is the party guy, who always make eye contact thanks to eye-catching elements. Of course, in a cool and youthful summer movie such as Baywatch , Zac’s advantage is more fully exploited by the producer.

To play the role of Matt Brody – the former Olympic athlete now became shore rescue, Zac has been training hard to own six clear. According to Zac’s coach, the star reduced the body fat percentage to 5% after only 12 weeks of training in order to have a dynamic body fit for the character.

He is also one of the earliest filmmakers to sign his contract (August 2015) alongside The Rock. Fiery aesthetes such as Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach … were selected last.

Baywatch, which is based on the television version of the hit movie of the same name, lasted from 1989-2001. This movie earned the fame for Pamela Anderson, which was dubbed the sex bomb of the US screen for many years.

In the movie version, despite the lack of sunshine and the bikini blondes, the story will revolve around Mitch Buchannon – rescue team captain and partner Matt Brody, seek to protect Peace of the inhabitants after exploring the dark conspiracy of the bad guys …

With a budget of $ 110 million, Baywatch is not lacking in adventurous action, mixed with hot summer flavors. If successful, Zac Efron will add a piece to his own box office achievement – not many of his peers do.

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