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Watch Your Name online free: Animation is always the strength of the Japanese. However, to reach the global level, Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name is the second work that does this.

Passing on the urban flowers, Kimi No Na Wa takes us to the beautiful Itomori region. There are lakes, forests, ancient temples. The protagonist of the story is Miyamizu Mitsuha, a female student who is always disgusted with this land. “A town has nothing. The train arrives every 2 hours, the shop closes at 9 o’clock. There are no bookstores, no dentists. “Her life was under pressure from many directions. A father for misery loses his wife should leave family to follow the political path, the classmates love sarcasm and the daily work in the temple. Tired and depressed, Mitsuha wished he would become a handsome boy in Tokyo.

Watch Your Name online free

Surprisingly, without the next life, Mitsuha’s dreams became apparent. One morning, she wakes up in the body. Taki – a boy in Tokyo who is always busy with schoolwork and extra work. Initially, both Mitsuha and Taki were panicked. However, the swings are continuous, forcing them to adapt and communicate with each other. Swaps help life of two people have more new colors. Mitsuha was confessed by his daughter and Taki had an appointment with beautiful senpai to do. However, it is hard to imagine, this is just the beginning of a moving story behind.

Getting a soul is not a new motif with world cinema. However, Your Name has turned old into a new, familiar story becomes strange. Getting soul is just starting out for a great love story behind.

After the success of Your Name is Shinkai Makoto. Most successful in the field from director, producer, manga artist, screenwriter and writer of novels … It seems nothing hard to get this 43-year-old man. He is loved by the anime “New Miyazaki” – following Miyazaki Hayao of the legendary Ghibli animation studio.

Watch Your Name online free: Shinkai Makoto is no stranger to anime lovers in Vietnam, he is also an extremely popular anime character such as Kotonoha No Niwa, 5cm / s. Especially, 5cm / s has created a fever in Vietnam. Shinkai also made an anime clip to promote Terminal 2 at Noi Bai International Airport in 2014. His Name is his latest film.

Still with the formula that made the 5cm / s success, Your Name captivated the audience from the first moment because of the stunning image quality. Shinkai Makoto successfully created two distinct regions. The tranquil Itomori region and Tokyo are bustling as they appear on the cinema screen. The scene is meticulously invested and elaborately hard to believe. Pictures are taken care of, the lines are genuine. You will be shocked if you compare scenes in Your Name with real-life images, almost without distinction. The color of the movie is beautiful, when the color is brilliant, the mood is sad.

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The emotions in Your Name are almost entirely reflected in the image. It was a beautiful sunset, and it was a rope made by the handmaid and handed over to the boy she loved, a holy man made in a strange way. All of them are refined to convey the message of the film.

The characters in Your Name are very attractive. The two main characters Mitsuha and Taki are interesting characters that can make the audience cry. In addition, Your Name also has Taki’s kind-hearted Doujinshi, beautiful Okudera senpai, shy Sayaka, chivalrous Tessie, and her lovely sister Yotsuha. Young people of Japan are beautifully portrayed in Kimi No Na Wa.

Your Name is a lesson in nature, when disasters happen at the most unexpected. With people living on the earthquake all year round like Japan, the film is a very effective alarm bell.

Like many other Japanese films, Your Name has some bold sexual scenes. This is why this good movie is labeled C13 so it will not be cut in Vietnam. However, these scenes are not vulgar and will definitely give the audience endless laughs in the cinema.

Another good point of the film is the knot, or unexpected and push things to the emotional climax. Fragments of images seem like sparsely grafted together, causing viewers to burst into tears.

The dialogue of the film is hard to beat. As fun as possible, the sadness can cause viewers to tears. That was when Mitsuha said to Taki, “You touch my chest!”, And the guy was embarrassed to blush. “Sorry, I can not control it. Only once. “That was when Taki choked.” My name is Mitsuha. I will remember. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. You are Mitsuha. “

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