Watch The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music online free

Watch The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music online free

Watch The von Trapp Family:A Life of Music online free – An American film about an Austrian family, which was based on a German book by Agathe von Trapp. This is a true story that takes place years before when Hitler’s Nazi army marched towards the Vienna. So it is a pre world war two drama, and with its influence that focused more on the family to tell the story. This is one of the recent unexpected films, I also surprised to see how averagely it was received by the people. You don’t have to accept it as the best film of the year, but it was rich in performances and screenplay with a good pace, particularly cinematography that makes it one of the best of its kind.

Watch The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music online free

Review Watch The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music online free by potterpanfan: Holy cow, this was bad

I went into this movie expecting a more historically accurate, if still sweet telling of the von Trapp story. Well, it is more historically accurate in that in keeps the original names of the children and mentions that Maria and the Captain had more children together, but other than that it is basically an abridged version of The Sound of Music.

Granted the story is told from the eldest daughter, Agathe’s perspective but I still wanted to see more of their lives in America and not just what I already knew. Not only that, but the acting is so bad in some parts (particularly the scenes in the present with an elderly Agathe and her granddaughter) that I was reminded of a Hallmark movie. However, I liked Eliza Bennet as young Agathe and how she develops a relationship with her new stepmother. But it wasn’t enough to save this movie.

After seeing this, I’d rather watch The Sound of Music on a continuous loop than watch this movie again.

Review Watch The von Trapp Family online free by mike48128: Where’s the rest of the story?

Disappointing only because it covers the basic story from Austria to the family’s escape. Appears to be mostly true, but I question some of the events which may have been enhanced for dramatic effect. Also a bit preachy at times as it tries to explain the political divide between the Nazis and the “Democratic Party” as it is called. The horrible British accents and slang that “creeps into” the dialog. “On the Dole” is a very British phrase and I would not expect an Austrian to use it. The typical British “Drawl” invades the actor’s performances, although many players appear to be Austrian (or German). I find it very hard-to-believe that the Nazis broke into the mansion at exactly the same moment that the Von Trapp Family fled. It is somewhat known that in reality the family left the country by train and did not really “hike over the Alps”. I was also disappointed that very little is mentioned about their music career after leaving home. Their “summer camps” and touring in America and eventually settling in Vermont, and opening up a concert center and ski lodge there. I have read the other book “My Story” by Maria, and it covers all of this and more. Still an enjoyable biography with excellent sets and very authentic-looking locations. However, where is the American Ski Lodge shown in the film? Certainly not in Montana, as noted in the credits. More realistic to-be-sure than the “sugar-coated fairy tale” known as the Sound of Music. Worth at least a one-time view, but maybe not a “keeper”?

Review Watch The von Trapp Family online free by llockdall: Found it enlightening

I know it is not 100% accurate or the best in some eyes. but I have watched it numerous times…good back story, It also lets you feel how they might have felt. It is another perspective. I enoyed it and will show clips to my classroom.

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