Watch the nut job 2 online free | The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature full movie

Watch the nut job 2 online free | The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature full movie

Watch the nut job 2 online free is quite successful in the role of entertainment for the whole family, but can be disappointing when nothing is left behind.

This month there are a lot of cartoons for the family and the kids to theaters, but not many films attract viewers on both sides of the entertainment and worth remembering. It is a pity that Nut Job 2, or the Vietnamese title, is the chestnut soup: the park battle is not so much a movie. The title of the film was preceded by the 2014 movie, but the content theme of Nut Job 2 was part na na part. Otherwise, the characters are more likely to “blow up the hair”, blowing up the whole store selling grain at the end of the old film, to “plow” the old familiar park.

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If you saw the first part of the chestnut season, you remember the end of Surly (Will Arnett) and the animals found a new “paradise”. The second part of that happy life, bringing viewers to the “funeral” series of animals when no longer have to worry about food reserves again. Only Andie (Katherine Heigl) continues the habit of the species, collecting food for winter. This contrast makes Surly and his followers controversial with Andie. But in life, paradise does not last long when one day, an accident unintentionally “blows” the entire food source of people. The whole family must go back to the old wilderness. However, life is not a dream as this also becomes “impossible task” because the city’s metamorphic name. And so the battle of the two sides continues. Are you familiar with something?

Watch the nut job 2 full movie online free

Watch the nut job 2 online free

If you have ever loved the colorful graphics of the first movie, maybe the second part will disappoint you. Nut Job 2 expands new characters, but in a way that is not very good. It is unclear whether this is intentional or accidental, but many of the characters in the movie have something inexplicably depressed with many popular cartoon before. The Buddy mouse looks just like the rat in Ratatouille. Just as the mayor’s daughter Heather the mayor looks like no other Darla in Finding Nemo. Even character Lao Phong (Jackie Chan) also seems to “copy” from the character Shifu in Kung Fu Panda. I personally think this is the intent, because there can not be so many coincidences that happen. Maybe this is a parody of famous movies, like the case of Scary Movie. I’m just guessing because there’s a funny segment that I think is Nut Job 2 parody. Annabelle: Creation is blowing in the box office horror film.

On the other hand, the graphics of the film still retain the old colors, but the feeling is not much change compared to before. Of course, if you talk about the technology of building, the picture is certainly different now and then, but the quality of the graphics do not make sense to develop over the technology. The hair of the species is always fixed, without the physical effects of their body movements. Even the plants in the background are often stationary and blurred as if intentionally masking the lack of motion in the film. However, this is not a matter of the film, because the bright colors are still very eye-catching in every frame of motion. And if not “dig” much, it perfectly meets the graphics quality of the majority of viewers.

The movie content is built quite in terms of entertainment. The old comedy trick was brought back to use. I feel that people have built the Surly main character is the smartest guys, by “drowning” all the rest. They seem to represent only the emotional frame to attract the viewer’s eyes to the screen. The trick in the film seems to fit only the baby rather than the adult. This is really unfortunate and difficult to understand, especially when the cinema I go to see no one at all, only adults or young people.

On the entertainment side, Nut Job 2 clearly lacks a number of key elements to appeal to the viewer: humorous storylines, characters leaving an impression on viewers and jokes that appeal to audiences alike. Adults or adults feel interesting. Instead, the film only has action scenes that lead to humorous consequences such as play with the word “nut” in the title. Unfortunately, it is so familiar that almost no one is laughable. In many segments, I feel like watching Tom & Jerry’s upgraded graphics. It is no exaggeration to say that the story of Lao Phong’s gang is worthy of being made into a film rather than a supporting role in Nut Job, as is the case with three penguins in Madagascar.

After the end, if you want to relax with your family with little angels, Nut Job 2 is definitely a good fit. But if you want to find a deeper experience, like Cars 3 for example, consider before deciding to go see Nut Job 2.

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