Watch My Father and My Son online | My Father and My Son 123movies

Watch My Father and My Son online | My Father and My Son 123movies

A big hit on the first release in 2005, BABAM VE OĞLUM (MY FATHER AND MY SON) was an underscored tone with emphasis on redundancy.

The story is simple: Sadik (Fikret Kuşkan) must give birth to his first child alone, when no one takes his wife Aysun (Tuba Büyüküstün) to the hospital. His wife died, leaving Sadık a single parent on the first day of the military coup that took place in the Republic of Turkey on September 12, 1980.

Time passed: Sadık was imprisoned and tortured for his political views; but when released, he left with İstanbul son Deniz (Ege Tanman) to return to his family home near İzmir. He received a warm welcome from his father, Hüseyin (Çetin Tekindor), who never forgave Sadık for leaving his agricultural school in İstanbul and moving to politics. The rest of the film focuses on how family relationships change, as well as how people deal with an unexpected tragedy.

Director Irkan Çağan looked at the oppressive influence of the past in the present; It not only affects the relationship between Sadık and Hüseyin, but it also determines Sadık’s love life. Back home, Sadık was attracted to and repelled by his familiarity; Those who have never left – even for a short time – still blink in their world views. On the other hand, BABAM VE OĞLUM shows how families are bonded to each other during times of crisis and can solve their own problems as long as they are willing to acknowledge them in the first place.

The story contrasts with Sadik’s story with Deniz’s imaginary fantasies, in which the boy considers himself a hero. In the first part of the film they can be read as a retreat from reality, as Deniz tries to cope with the trauma of moving to a new town and dealing with a new life. However, in the end, he discovered that such fantasies could change, once he grew up. They will still imagine, but they will fulfill another function in their lives.

The film is full of confrontation and reconciliation, with Irmak’s camera work designed to achieve maximum visual effect through close-up, scene-and-two-image use, complemented by a floral music score (by Evanthia Reboutsika). Although the celebrations of redundancy – feelings, feelings and reconciliation – it seems to have no way of being coerced. In fact, it is as convincing and emotional as the best Yeşilçam tunes of the past. Apparently Irmak planned for BABAM VE ILLUM as a tribute to this genre, and he fulfilled his mission with Ellie. Definitely worth a look.

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