Watch Miss granny 123movies – Miss granny full movie

Watch Miss granny 123movies – Miss granny full movie

“Miss Granny” is a funny, sweet and compelling drama that would bring joyful feeling during seeing it. Actually the movie is far from perfect, the theme is kind of weird and illogical but wouldn’t bother much if audience could deal with it. The storyline itself isn’t focus between reaching the dream, family relationship and love story, it would feel like watching drama series in one film. Also there are some plot holes and questionable ending. Luckily all that flaws could be covered by hilarious and heartfelt moment. The jokes really work especially after Oh Mal-soon becoming young again. It’s a unique yet convincing performance by Eun Kyung Shim as a young lady with granny personality has delivered a non- stop laughs. Overall “Miss Granny” is an average good Korean drama which offers entertainment and happiness, but it’s still been miles away on being excellent.

Watch Miss granny 123movies

Review Watch Miss granny 123movies – Miss granny full movie by KineticSeoul: Formulaic but it works for the most part

I didn’t think this was a laugh out movie in my opinion. But it kept me entertained throughout. This has most of the formulaic elements for a Asian comedy, but for the most part it actually works. This takes on the what if scenario, of what a granny would do if she got her youth back to when she was in her 20’s. Sure a lot of stuff is far-fetched and the dialogues not completely believable. But for a comedy such as this, it still works out when you think about it. Eun-kyung Shim did a good job for the most part impersonating a granny, although some parts can be rough around the edges. But that actually makes this movie work for the better in a sense. This is a inside joke movie, where the audience knows what is going on but the characters have no idea. But like I said, most of the formulaic elements work. The thing is, everyone wants a second chance to accomplish the things they may have missed out on after realizing. So for teens, they can get a good laugh and adults can get some amusement out of this because they can be able to connect. However what matters is to let go of the things you can’t change and do the best you can in the present.

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Review Watch Miss granny 123movies – Miss granny full movie by fluffset: laughing out loud comedy from South Korea!

Its been a long time I didn’t see any good comedy from Korea since “How to Use Guy with Secret Tip” (2013) and “All About My Wife” (2012). This movie is so good! About an old granny who turned out to be 20 again and its so funny to see how she manage to handle the unexpected miracle ever. Korean young actress, Shim Eun-Kyung plays the role so well as a young woman who acts like a granny. Although everyone keep whining about the plothole in this movie but this movie works. It can make you laughing out loud and also can make you crying like a baby. This movie is supposed to be an easy movie with an interestingly catchy premise. Maybe its a culture different since some audience feel weird why there is a lot of character here speak so loud. You will understand if you have watch a lot of korean movie. By the way, the song is so heartwarming and its make me want to buy the soundtrack now. Don’t waste your time anymore, just watch this movie. The best korean comedy so far in 2014.

Review Watch Miss granny 123movies – Miss granny full movie by Reno Rangan: About a second chance to accomplish what you’d missed earlier.

A Korean comedy-fantasy. One of the most admired senior actors by me from the Korean film industry is that Na Moon-Hee. So far I have watched some of her films and loved all of them. The title says it is her movie, but she did not stay much longer as the script demanded replacement after the opening few minutes.

If you know the movie’s synopsis you will understand that it is a theme kind of switching back to younger ages. Yes, like the movie ‘Big’. In her parts which were the opening portions she put a great performance. After that, the young ‘Sunny’ girl took over the role and led to another level of entertainment filled with music and fun. Her performance and expressions were so good like her previous movie.

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”That’s why I want to take a photograph now. Before I grow more ugly.”

As we know, the concept was too old, but the story wasn’t, especially if you are a regular Hollywood movie viewer you would know that. But, surprisingly, this movie was enriched mainly because of the Korean flavor with the usual melodrama and a little cliché at some point. It was not a special movie and offers nothing new if you are familiar with Korean films. Because they applied usual Korean movie style of fun to present the story. The story was kind of predictable and that does not stop you from getting entertained.

What fascinated me about this movie was the end. The solution at the final act was well designed to fit for a movie with a concept like this to end in a better way. And further, a clean open for a possible sequel generates eagerness among the viewers if they had liked so far of the movie. It is nothing more than having a good time, which offers a little inspiration about our dream and family value. A good Korean movie, the family type movie, but everyone can enjoy it.



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