Watch Magic Mike XXL online free – Watch Magic Mike XXL putlocker

Watch Magic Mike XXL online free – Watch Magic Mike XXL putlocker

Watch Magic Mike XXL online free: Three years after mike bowed out of the stripper life on the top of his sport, he and the closing kings of tampa hit the street to myrtle seashore. However they need to do it their manner: burning down the house in one remaining blow-out overall performance in myrtle seashore, and with mythical headliner magic mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the street to their very last show, with whistle stops in jacksonville and savannah to renew vintage friends and make new pals, mike and the guys study some new moves and shake off the beyond in surprising ways.

Director: Gregory Jacobs
Writer: Reid Carolin
Stars: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer

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Review Watch Magic Mike XXL online free – Watch Magic Mike XXL putlocker

Watch Magic Mike XXL online free

Review Watch Magic Mike XXL online free by fordmodelt Ford |A grubby little movie with very little dancing

I love Channing Tatum and I’d go and watch anything with him in it. I also liked the first Magic Mike movie for what it was – very lightweight entertainment, some hot male bodies, a bit of humour, a bit of a plot line and some great dancing.

This sequel is just grubby, and, well boring. The dancing is minimal. Most of the ‘performances’ at the end aren’t dancing at all. The Andy McDowell house scenes went on and on … and on, with absolutely no plot purpose and no dancing, so what was the point? And the scenes with the women ‘clients’ at the Jade Pickett Smith establishment are pretty demeaning to the women. The bumping and grinding on fat women in the movie is clearly meant to show what great ‘performers’ these strippers are, able to fake it with any desperate female. I’m absolutely no prude, but it all became pretty sickening in the end, and I was just BORED with the whole thing really. Channing, it’s time to move on, mate.

Review Watch Magic Mike XXL online free by niutta-enrico |Magic Mike XXL. Don’t watch it: I’m doing you a favor.

I liked the first Magic Mike, I liked it a lot. I found it funny and interesting. It was entertaining. I thought that Channing Tatum was a really good dancer and, while watching, I regretted of not being a male stripper myself (beautiful life, lot of girls, you know…).

But this one is terrible. Boring, depressing… I wonder who could really like it: girls? I doubt it. Men? Not a chance.

I won’t tell a word about the plot, as IMDb warns me not to do it. I will only state my disappointment for the lack of an entertaining story, a catching character or a good show. A terrible wasting of good actors and time.

Review Watch Magic Mike XXL online free by Nike J. Doe|Hilarious, joyful, exuberant play – just let go and enjoy the ride

I loved this film. It is hilariously funny, it has a great soundtrack, and watching Tatum dance like melted butter is a joy in itself. It is also filled with all sorts of types of men and women, who are being remarkably kind to each other, it keeps tickling you with the beginnings of what could be stockpile templates but then verges away.

Don’t take this film literally – how flimsy is the premise of a lot of fiction films? -, enjoy its visual exuberance, and take the sexual as the embrace of kindness and love for people and longing for connectedness that it is. At one point, Tatum is basically confronted with a version of the argument that his story doesn’t add up, and he basically offers a clue to how to read the film when he replies, clumsy-cute: Look this isn’t about (fill in literal interpretation of the plot), this is about you and me (putting things behind/doing something together)

This is the joy of play – play as simulation, make belief, the joy of the process and the ride that is life. Written down, this weepy and pathetic whereas the film just offers this up in emotion, movement, and music: Embrace life, joy, and people, as they are, be kind to each other, believe in your dreams and especially your friends – you may fail, but you will try, and the dreaming is part of the fun.

Watch Magic Mike XXL online free - Watch Magic Mike XXL putlocker

Review Watch Magic Mike XXL online free by davidgee|Bump and grind – and not much else

The first MAGIC MIKE movie had something (not much) to say about the economic pressures that might drive a young, generously-endowed man to find an alternative’ career in the world of ‘male entertainment’. This sequel doesn’t bother with much motivation; unfortunately, it also doesn’t bother with much plot.

After shouty scenes between Mike and the other Kings of Tampa on the Bill and Ted-type road strip we get screamy scenes in Savannah at a kind of cathouse-for-ladies run by an old flame of Mike’s (Jada Pinkett Smith). In the closest this film gets to the irony that was occasionally present in the first movie, the club’s clients are mostly black women, brandishing fistfuls of dollars which they throw onto the dance floor rather than tucking them into trunks and thongs. Clearly Obama in the White House has done wonders for the empowerment – and enrichment – of black women. A similar scene ensues in the finale at Myrtle Beach – more shouting and screaming – when Mike and the Kings get to strut their routines at the strippers’ convention.

I’m probably not part of this movie’s ‘demographic’, although I like to see buff gents in the buff as much as the next (gay) man. We seem to have come a long way from the Chippendales. The guys don’t just strip and bump and grind, they now simulate sex acts on lucky (unlucky?) women from the audience. Like the whole movie, it’s lewd and it’s raunchy, but subtle it ain’t.

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