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Watch God Help the Girl online free: As eve starts writing songs as a way to sort thru some emotional issues, she meets james and cassie, two musicians every at crossroads of their personal.
Director: Stuart Murdoch
Writer: Stuart Murdoch (screenplay)
Stars: Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, Hannah Murray

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Review God Help the Girl by century_of_fakers | I liked it

Having read the reviews, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I began seeing GHTG. I should say that I have been a B&S fan since 1997 or 1998 when I discovered “If you’re feeling sinister” and I have all their releases up until 1998 as well as the debut album of Gentle Waves. Their music has really influenced me as a person and I really was curious of what a film based on their songs would look like.

I felt happy watching GHTG but it was also really emotional. Being in my mid-30s it reminded me of my dreams as a teenager and I began asking myself if there’s still time to accomplish them. I strongly identified with the character of James and his search for the perfect moment, which makes it impossible to enjoy life. I recognized Eve in the many talented, self-destructive, impulsive people I have met in my life and all the opportunities I had to make my life a little more interesting.

GHTG is full of color. The characters dress up in all kinds of costumes, and yes it is unrealistic but I think what many fail to realize is that our fondest memories are usually very different than what we really experienced. Everything is more colorful and stylish in our memories, like a Belle and Sebastian album cover.

I had read that there is no plot to the movie, but I don’t agree at all. I think both Eve and James are wonderfully developed characters and Cassie is also an interesting character whose presence makes the story better. And the music is also wonderful. I was very pleased with Emily Browning’s singing performance. She not only has a great voice but she also seemed to be really invested in the songs which made her character more believable.

I loved the film’s bittersweet ending as well as the many funny and awkward moments (James fighting his drummer, James and Eve showing up at Cassie’s house or the drunk Scottish boys whose accent Cassie couldn’t understand). This may not be a film for everyone, but I think the world would be a better place if more people listened to Belle & Sebastian and all I can do is thank Stuart Murdoch, the actors and everyone else involved in making this film.

Review God Help the Girl by Larry Silverstein| Exceptional Film

I thought this musical fantasy was a most pleasant and enjoyable film, filled with an appealing storyline, humor, and, of course, many delightful musical numbers.

Set in Glasgow, Emily Browning the stunning and talented Australian actress is superb as Eve, who’s in treatment at a mental health facility for depression and an eating disorder. However, she’ll often sneak out of the facility, at night, to visit local clubs, as she’s an aspiring songwriter and singer.

One night at one of these clubs, she’ll meet James, an idealistic young man and guitar player, whose day-job is being a lifeguard at the local university. Olly Alexander is exceptional, as James, and there’s a noticeable chemistry between Eve and James, which will eventually lead to a very close friendship.

James is teaching guitar to another young woman, Cassie, ably portrayed by Hannah Murray, who also wants to sing and write songs. Soon, the three of them will form a strong bond, and look to form a band so they can try to play out their musical aspirations. However, in time, they’ll have to make decisions about their lives and their futures.

The movie was written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, the lead singer of the Scottish band Belle and Sebastian, who were very involved in the musical productions here in the film. I thought his screenplay was very clever, and his direction of the musical numbers was extremely well done.

All in all, there were some elements here that reminded me of the great movie “Once”, with its heartwarming themes and music. To me, this movie was a most pleasant surprise and an exceptional film.

Review God Help the Girl by Johan Dondokambey| Light story and easy listening songs combination

The story focuses on Eve, a girl in Glasgow, Scotland, who’s on medication for some emotional caused eating disorders. She like to write songs, which is her own way to cope with her problems. Sometimes she sneaks out and go to live music clubs, where one night she meets James, an aspiring musician. Later James introduces her to Cassie, James’ guitar pupil, and they form a band. Before meeting Cassie, Eve also starts a romance with Anton but she doesn’t introduce him to James and Cassie. One day the band gets a gig scheduled. At the time they are discussing it, Anton comes and Eve goes with him.

Turns out, Anton didn’t do what Eve asked him on the day they first meet. When she goes back to James, he gets awkward and kind of avoids her. Without Cassie, Eve then went without direction and gets sick again. James visits her and they reconcile. After giving her songs for Cassie to sing in the band, she goes to James’ place asking his opinion about her going to college. He objects to it, but after the band’s one last performance with Eve I it, James accompanies Eve as she takes the train to her college life.

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The story is based on the director Stuart Murdoch’s real life music project with the same title. An indie band Belle and Sebastian leader himself, he created the project having female vocalists and his band on the instruments. The story may be a sugar coated fiction about the real project’s female vocalists, but at least it’s not hyperbolic ally done. Yes the movie does end up showing scenes of music writing, the usual element of a movie about music, especially indie musicians.

We may see the more realistic, even not seldom full of conflicts, creative stages of music writing in Frank (2014), but this movie doesn’t really overdo it. We are presented with the just right blend of realistic and musical interpretation of the creative process scenes. The story feels so light that it may bore some people who seek more conflicts in the movie or stronger depiction in the screenplay. But the movie kept me watching due to curiosity on what will happen to the band; will it be a cliché about being famous, they break up, or what?

The music has some pretty good hum along songs. Well, they are even better to sing along if we know the lyrics. The songs are very easy listening in nature that they don’t bore people with them. The amount of dancing done for each song is just enough that they help how the songs feel yet they don’t make it feel that much like any standard musical does. The actors, especially Emily Browning in the lead role, can really get the feel on lip-syncing those songs.

The acting just a decent okay overall for me. Emily Browning is successful in her lead role here, utilizing just enough facial expressions to maintain her ill character while doing the lip-syncs energetically. Olly Alexander did enough to give the story some balance and keep the romance going, even at the discreet rate at the earlier stages of the movie. Hannah Murray gets into the cheerful nature of her character nicely. I like how she did the canoe scenes and the scene where Eve and James asks her to go out as just wakes up. Pierre Boulanger nicely kept the cam composure of a confident band vocalist, and especially it gets better with his accent.

One thing worth mentioning is the great job done in the costume designs. I like how the costumes are always eye catching for all the scenes, both in the designs and color matching. The costumes really puts the camera’s focus onto the characters as they help attract the viewers’ eyes.

My say for God Help The Girl (2014) is a solid 6 out of 10. A light story combined with nice easy listening songs is quite a nice recipe combination for this movie.

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