Watch Enchanted online free | Watch Enchanted online free 123movies

Watch Enchanted online free | Watch Enchanted online free 123movies

Watch Enchanted online free: Never stop dreaming of a fairy tale, even if you are living in the 21st century – that is the message that the film “Enchanted” wants to convey.

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Enchanted is a fun movie, crafted the lyrics, music and surroundings full of love. The film opens with scenes of animation to depict life in the music world of Giselle (Amy Adams). 20 year old girl living in the same animals and dreaming about a white horse Prince will live together happily. But the Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon)-the stepmother of Prince Edward (James Marsden) rắp mind the guy’s love split and Giselle. She tried pushing Giselle to the modern world. – Watch Enchanted online free

Gorgeous girl in the fairy world of wedding dresses up drain pipes between Times, started for travels in the modern world. New York is the place where no one smiling with Giselle, no one believe you are going to find a real Prince. It is society that no adult would believe in love, or the sentence “And they lived happily ever after”. Attorney Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey plays) has explained this, but Giselle do not understand. For her, life only has music, dance, fun bird and enjoy the same happiness with someone you love.

Watch Enchanted online free

Fairytale in New York just as the cartoon (when the characters in fairy world), just as the film “the people” (as the characters in the modern world). The film, the break-busy music from the first minute until the end. The role of Patrick Dempsey did not cause the death of a veteran like him to try much in acting. Your mission is to transform into “the Rooster of parenting” and search for her 6 year old daughter a stepmother. Robert was helping Giselle discovers the true journey of love: the couple met, dating, exchange of views on life, not merely the Prince meets Princess married.

At the age of 33, actress Amy Adams as Giselle was cast as still capable of singing and acting throughout the 45 minutes in the test. The young faces with the innocence of Amy will not leave the impression to the audience, if you don’t Peel described the transformation of mood of Giselle after a few days in New York. Princess eyes no longer indifferent that became devastating hidden emotional hurt to remember the vast brings when she realized her feelings for Robert. She is forced to choose between the fork in the road: returns to his world, or stay in the United Kingdom by the people she loved.

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