Watch Beauty and the beast online free 2017 | Beauty and the beast putlockers

Watch Beauty and the beast online free 2017 | Beauty and the beast putlockers

Watch Beauty and the beast online free 2017: Keep the features of the classic animated film in 1991, the love story of Beauty and The Beast was governed more modern colours, showing more character personality traits, creating a really interesting and worthwhile to attract attendance come to theatres

Before the film Beauty and the Beast version of the live-action Disney is in theaters, the loyal audience with original animation 1991 still much anxiety and deliberation before the Emma Watson plays Belle beautiful, communication intelligent; the public character LeFou his third sex, or shaping a bit … odd Beast. But with sales figure of more than 400 million dollars after only 5 days of release, the film has proved its appeal.

Familiar fairy tale in Watch Beauty and the beast online free 2017

The film broadly similar domains to the original cartoon, the main character is Belle, a young girl, beautiful and intelligent, living in a suburb of France. The town where she lives is a small town, and people there are satisfied with their lives. But the reading habit has led to Belle always think to go further from what she said around you, discover new things, there is a real adventure.

Watch Beauty and the beast online free 2017

In one go to the market center, Belle’s father, Maurice accidentally strayed into an ancient castle surrounded snow storm. After rely castle and see some events, he was owner of the castle – A young prince cursed transformed into monsters – detained. Does Belle will how to rescue his father? And certain young prince did nothing to make his fate cursed? If you’ve seen the original animation, surely you will have the answer. But even if such a chance, perhaps should also try to theaters to see, what attached to his childhood days yet, now would be the filmmakers associated with modern elements like.

Watch Beauty and the beast online free

Along the impressive points

The first point that Beauty and the Beast brings, is fairly complete reconstruction of the scene a small suburban village of France, from the costumes, the scenery, until humans. The first film, the audience will hear recounted fairy tale about a prince cursed, and immediately rushed into the eyes of the style of dress according aristocratic French 17th century, along with the tone boisterous and playful. Gaudy, refinement through each kit, through makeup for the face, as well as their way of speaking of the characters in the film, showing the nine-digit investment of filmmakers. To the village of Belle, people are more easily noticed than the ordinary here, through the scene takes place daily between the villagers together. Everyone happy, comfortable, no membranes to the outside world like.

in the original animation, Belle is a bookish girl and very beautiful. Emma Watson and also highlight the intelligence, the strong personality of this girl. Through the curtain to meet with him Gaston handsome (Luke Evans plays) but unpleasant, and the ability of his singing, Emma gradually erase the fears of people when incarnation plays Belle, help her become different clearly distinct than the other girls. This has been shown over the past happenings of the movie, since she quickly ran to the castle where her father was detained, to the fact that she actively uses lights torches the Beast (In the original, the Beast must disclose face), and then the attitude between her and showed character Beast Belle “today” a lot stronger.

Together Belle prince is handsome, has become a beast, Dan Stevens by actor played. When he first appeared on the poster, more loyal audience with animated works have expressed dislike for the Beast in the movie image. But as Emma Stevens finished pretty good shoulder Beast, from being a man arrogant, selfish, until a beast aggressive, unpleasant, gradually began to show understanding along with comedy his humor. The humor of the Beast shown through some scenes appeared in the trailer, such as Belle asked him about reading books in the library of the palace, or when two players snowball together, … gradually Stevens showed quite immersed in the character Beast. Also in the film will also have a section Beast express his ability to sing again.

Minor characters equally striking

addition to the two main characters, the cast voices for the supporting characters are also very impressive castle. Ewan McGregor as her housekeeper “candlesticks” Lumière, Ian McKellen, the incarnation of him clock Cogsworth, beauty Emma Thompson is veteran “she split” Potts hearted, lovely … with the voice capabilities combine with the great motion effects of modern technology, cast parts plays helped objects for the film’s atmosphere of fun and a lot brighter. Belle’s father, Maurice, played by Kevin Kline but important role in the film, but not centrally depicted, which mainly serves to lead the evolution of the film.

Side character “villain”, Luke Evans and Josh Gad shows good two roles Gaston and LeFou. With a handsome face but also somewhat … easy to hate, Evans does not seem difficult to express the most unpleasant traits of Gaston: Self-obsessed, like to use the strength, temper, and time Magic. LeFou, on the other hand, proved quite “cute” than the original animation, and especially the scenes shown “affection” of his for Gaston, and in the finale, he has some changes interesting small. Main announcing character LeFou was gay made the Beauty and the Beast banned in some countries (May without banned in Vietnam), but with a hint of cute guy in the movie, perhaps the audience will not understand why it should … forbidden.

Evolution of the film is relatively predictable, understandable and suitable for all audiences. The film has some impressive scenery thanks to CGI technology, and the acting of the cast is also very round shoulders. Although not leave many accents, but the Beast’s Belle and Emma duo – Stevens is probably an appropriate choice of the filmmakers Beauty and the Beast live-action version. It also extended some of the details related to the mother of Belle and the Beast’s mother, in order to make up the difference for the film and help the film become more realistic. Overall the film is not excellent, but a reasonable adaptations and beauty of the cartoon Beauty and The Beast. The film still ensuring that conveys the philosophy of “sincere love is not based on appearance, but inner beauty.”

Taken together, Beauty and The Beast totally afford attract audiences to theaters to see, not just because of curiosity before ability incarnation of the character, but also to rediscovering the familiar feelings of cartoons days ago, with a modern colors, with interesting and more rational.

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