Watch ash vs evil dead online free | Ash vs evil dead 123movies

Watch ash vs evil dead online free | Ash vs evil dead 123movies

Watch ash vs evil dead online free: It’s been a while since Evil Dead (1981) debuted – it’s considered one of the most popular horror movies in American cinema. After that success, the sequels are constantly being released and there is a remake. Unfortunately, the new version with gore and violence is not well received by viewers.

Starz TV, known for its violent series, has decided to make a new television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. It’s great, this series has truly respected the original version, and it’s a closely related story with the previous one. The writers of the series are very clever when they add old details to the series to remind viewers of what they have forgotten for so long.

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Film content instead of wilderness in the forest has now been expanded, the devil world in the book of death is mentioned more. Many demonic cruelty have revealed the intricacies, wit and malicious in each episode are very clear, the film does not lack the violence and disgusting super-

Watch ash vs evil dead online free marks the return of actor Bruce Cambell who plays Ash in the previous three. But this time he also has two young and dubious associates. Ash still retains the character as he did, still in the style of “Shoot first talk later” and the reason for this time he read the curse in the book once again is very normal and not Who are you? However, the demons have become more intelligent and more rational than before; They are determined to destroy Ash before he finds out how to completely destroy this dead book.

If you were disappointed with the remake in 2013 because it was so serious, overwhelmed by violence and tension, now the series is completely controlled and there is harmony between those elements, from the remaining lack of and things already. The movie is not for the under 18s, because all the lines and actions in the movie are beyond the reach of children.

The only regret is that each episode lasted less than 30 minutes, instead of 45 minutes, compared to the traditional TV series, and with a nervous content that ended in a tense moment. Im very inhibited.

In the movie is also a highlight, each step of the action and the devil image are meticulously manufactured by the manufacturer, restricting the use of CGI technology to create the most authentic feeling for viewers.

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Many characters from the previous section will also return as guest characters. The film was produced by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy.

In particular, after the debut series received quite a lot of praise from critics: IMDB: 8.7 / 10, Metacritic: 75%, Tomato: 98%.

Season 1 of the series has 10 episodes and is now over. Season 2 of the movie is expected to return in September this year and below is Ash’s first fall in photoshoots next season.

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