‘Unsane’: The story of the madness of the stalkers

Filmed entirely by phone iPhone 7 Plus, “Unsane” also has many technical limitations. Song, the film content is extremely attractive with many unexpected buttons.

Unsane was directed by famous director Steven Soderbergh filmed entirely by phone with a production cost of only $ 1.5 million.
In Unsane, Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) is a successful girl, but is forced to move to a strange city by being obsessed with a stalker. Also, she always bothered with any man who tried to get close to her.

Trailer Unsane 

After realizing that the psychological phobia may have affected his promotion, Sawyer went to a mental health center to improve his condition. However, the mismanagement in the contract of treatment caused her to be detained unintentionally.

To be frank, Sawyer Valentini’s longtime stranger is also in the mental hospital. She became panicked and seemed to have no way out of the scary trouble.

Behind Unsane is director Steven Soderbergh, who is known for his critically acclaimed crime films Traffic (2000), Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and the latest Logan Lucky (2017).

Limited technology, attractive content

His latest film has a lot of shortcomings in filming, something rarely seen in previous projects by the 55-year-old filmmaker. Completely rotated by the iPhone 7 Plus, the film delivers simple angles and mainly uses natural light.

The sound is not carefully screened and there is no sound. The downside is that the audience can be uneasy about Unsane’s overall quality at the full minute of the movie.

Fortunately, the content of Unsane is extremely attractive. The first half of the film focuses on a thrilling story set in the Highland Creek mental health center. From a very normal medical check-up, Sawyer was quickly forced to join the healing process.

The next set of circumstances makes both Sawyer and the audience in a state of panic. Does she really have a mental problem? Is the shadow of the stalker the product of imagination? Many questions arise that made the film story a mysterious, attractive.

As things get more complicated, Nate Hoffman (Jay Pharoah), Sawyer’s roommate, appears and explains to the main character about the structure of the center.

This is an episode that can scare many viewers into the inhumanity of the central executive. She is ready to do all the cruel and unscrupulous tricks to wipe out the patient’s money.

Then when the knot just opened, Unsane continued to take viewers to the new knot on Sawyer and stalker named David Strine (Joshua Leonard). From here, the film turns into violent horror genre with countless sensational situations.

Excellent cast

After a long absence from the horror genre since The Blair Witch Project (1999), actor Joshua Leonard has an impressive reappearance as David. He convinces himself to be a crazy man, ready to do anything to reach the “prey” Sawyer Valentini.

The way David cared about Sawyer, reminiscing about her habit of living, could make the audience feel uncomfortable as if she herself was being harassed. The most disgusting thing was that he was willing to get rid of anyone who would dare go his way to Sawyer.

It was the determination that made David an unlikely killer, and the brutality of the character at the end of the movie was the most striking point of Unsane.

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Sawyer Valentini plays Claire Foy, who won the Golden Globes with The Crown, and she does not trust Steven Soderbergh. She completely immersed herself in the role when she flexed psychologically between a mental patient and a girl seeking to fight for her freedom.

The interaction between Sawyer and David is at the heart of the film. The dialogue between the duo about the love paranoid that the name attached to the girl contains more expensive things, can leave to ponder.

The only drawback in the Unsane content is that the characters’ psychological changes are changing rapidly. However, the creation, the integration between the two mental factors and the stalker to create horror is enough reason enough for the audience to find the film.

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