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Stockholm, my love is an fascinating and palate-cleaning work, ruminative and cerebral, with a literary feel, like an fashionable eu novella in translation. There are some amazing reportage snap shots created by using each mark cousins and christopher doyle as cinematographers, displaying the city’s clear, open, generally unpopulated spaces. Within the city-symphony culture, it has something of chris petit and iain sinclair’s london orbital or cousins’ personal previous paintings, i’m belfast. This is vernacular cinema, in its manner, straightforwardly taking the camera for a stroll.

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Stockholm, my love stars singer neneh cherry, supplied in downbeat, daylit and unglamorised closeup, and the entire film could be visible as a opposite engineered video for her identify track, which is available in on the very give up. She plays an educational who had come to stockholm to present a lecture at the city’s architecture, but has deserted this plan, apparently in the grip of despair, and rather wanders stockholm with out speaking. A voiceover narrative offers us her thoughts in a pensive undertone. She addresses her dead father, who lived in the town, and some other guy to whom she feels a heavy, grief-laden debt because of an lousy event in which she became worried the preceding 12 months. Her tension is numbed and displaced outwards, into the cityscape, as a manner of coping with her emotions and re-organising her authority. It’s far a examine of grief suppressed and a character becalmed.

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