“The Sound of Music” Best musical film ever

When The sound of Music turned into launched in 1965 it took the sector by way of hurricane, incomes five oscars.

For hundreds of thousands of humans, the movie is the uncommon combination of a effective and transferring tale, brilliant music, and breathtaking scenery of salzburg!

The musical tells the story of maria, who takes a activity as governess to a big circle of relatives at the same time as she decides whether or not to turn out to be a nun. She falls in love with the children and their widowed father, captain von trapp. He’s ordered to just accept a commission in the german navy, but he opposes the nazis. He and maria determine to flee from austria with the children.

“The Sound of Music” had five Academy Awards

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s cinematic treasure, “The Sound of Music” is the winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. In this true-life story, Julie Andrews lights up the screen as Maria, a spirited young Austrian woman who leaves the convent to become a governess for Captain von Trapp’s (Christopher Plummer) seven unruly children. Her charm and songs soon win the hearts of the children – and their father. But when Nazi Germany unites with Austria, Maria is forced to attempt a daring escape with her new family.

The Sound of Music was released on March 2, 1965, Four weeks after its theatrical release, it became the number one box office movie in the United States, from revenue generated by twenty-five theaters, each screening only ten roadshow performances per week. It held the number one position for thirty of the next forty-three weeks, and ended up the highest-grossing film of 1965. One contributing factor in the film’s early commercial success was the repeat business of many film goers. In some cities in the United States, the number of tickets sold exceeded the total population.

The film received a total of ten Academy Award nominations, it won: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Music Score, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

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“The Sound of Music” Best musical film ever

This movie is a triumph in all departments. Each component, from the cinematography to the performing, the sets to the costumes, the track, choreography, script, is remarkable. At the same time as the film is circle of relatives pleasant and has a sweet story, it’s miles continuously high-quality the manner humans attack it as saccharine and sugary. This can virtually be said of the stage show, however the movie version has been cautiously produced to offer a greater nicely-rounded imaginative and prescient. Ernest lehman labored wonders with the underdeveloped and unremarkable speak of the play. He inserted so many moments of wit, humor, romance and poignancy which are nowhere in sight in the authentic. The art directors purposefully chose muted settings and colours.

Each of the actors bent over backwards to provide a extremely good overall performance. Andrews is already down in history for the performance of a lifetime (and a voice to in shape), however plummer isn’t to be forgotten. Now not only is he regal and handsome, however his decision to play the captain as a complex, state-of-the-art guy with a sly dose of sarcasm become excellent. His steely, stern character is subsequently melted down via the irrepressible andrews to awesome impact. Each assisting overall performance is likewise delivered with the proper amount of appeal, humor or risk as called for within the script. But, the only that takes the cake….That amazes on every occasion, is the slinky, catty, toweringly glamorous parker as baroness schraeder. Accurately, her songs have been reduce, similarly keeping apart her from all the glee around her, so that she could whip out such zingers as “why did not you inform me….To convey alongside my harmonica?” or when she’s instructed that andrews may not make a exquisite nun, “in case you need something, i’d be happy to help you.” the man or woman is given a much extra polished and quintessential function within the movie as opposed to the stage and clearly each line of her dialogue (not like in the play) is a howler. Although wood changed into adorable in her position as the mom abbess, it changed into parker who have to have gotten an oscar nod….And gained!

Each expression, every syllable, each look belies the many years of experience parker gained as a leading lady all through the forties and 50’s. Her garments by way of dorothy jeakins are awe-inspiring. This form of film-making is gone. The place photography, the simplicity of story and layout, the sheer suitable-spiritedness of all of it…They simply can not do this anymore. Thankfully, there’s this flawless gem to show to when one simply want to experience accurate. But saccharine? No….. Examine this to other loved musicals with their garish shades and sugary tale traces (“seven brides…”, “singin’ within the rain”, “…Molly brown”, “the track guy”, to call only some…) they may be all noticeably fun, however are rarely less sweet than this! Just one word…..Nazis!! Even though truely anybody knows the outcome, there is nonetheless real suspense at the climax of “the sound of music”. The film has it all.

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