Saturday Church movie – Watch Saturday Church online free

Saturday Church movie – Watch Saturday Church online free

Saturday Church (2017) was written and directed by Damon Cardasis. It stars Luka Kain as Ulysses, a young African-American gay man who wants to be a cross-dresser. He was tortured and bullied at school, and was abused by his aunt at home who took care of him.

Ulysses finds Saturday Church where gay people can express their identity, and where most members can, and do, dress safely. Saturday Church introduces Ulysses to the voguing scene, and the movie gives us a lot of music to hear and voguing to watch.

It is not encouraging that we still need places like Saturday Church, but at least they are there. (Really a Saturday Church in NYC.)

Watch Saturday Church online free

I enjoyed this movie because of Luka Kain’s great performance. (Performance in the meaning of action, as well as performance in the sense of voguing). To a certain extent, it opens a window to the world of drag queens. It also reminded me that, even in 2017, in the United States, it still is not as easy as being gay openly. I think we all need that reminder.

We saw this movie at the fabulous Little Theater of Rochester, as part of the fantastic ImageOut, the LGBT Film Festival. It will not work well on the small screen, but it’s still worth finding it and watching it.

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