Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone fall in love with ‘La La Land’

Hollywood movie end of 2016, marking the third reunion of screen couple Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Set in the modern city of Los Angeles – but with the sound of musicals in the 1950s – La La Land (The dreamer) followed the two young artists in Hollywood: the music Sebastian’s jazz pianist and aspiring actress Mia. With music, songs and dance, the film tells the love story of Sebastian and Mia, on their journey to success in the ‘city of Hollywood’ stars – the land of fame and frivolous.

In the movie industry today, it’s hard to find a couple like Gosling and Stone: young, talented, and above all, possessing an unforgettable charm when combined on the screen. .

Gosling and Stone have many similarities in both career and personal life. Both started acting on television from a very young age. Gosling used to be a hotboy with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, while Stone often took on small roles in television series such as Supergrass.

The duo continued to participate in projects not only successful at the box office but also received positive reception from critics: Gosling was first nominated for an Oscar for his role in Half Nelson, and Stone also had the same opportunity. Birdman. And, in a way, they both know how to maintain a private life in the midst of the unpredictable flow of Hollywood fame.

We first met this couple in Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – highly rated romantic comedy and helped Gosling get a Golden Globe nomination. As a gift for world cinema, Gosling and Stone have genuinely glowed as they portrayed the love story of modern-day but cute Jacob and her lawyer Hannah.

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Two years later, Gosling and Stone continue to reunite in the Gangster’s Squad (2013), which tells the story of the anti-black society in Los Angeles years after World War II. Our pair is put in a very wrong situation in Gangster’s Squad: he is a special police and she is the lover of the notorious mafia boss. They once again exploited the rare rage between the two and successfully conveyed a classic American love story.

And then at the end of August, when La La Land began his Oscar-winning race at the Venice Film Festival, the whole world was completely conquered by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s hard-hitting charms.

La La Land has been constantly exploring the big and small film awards, especially with seven Golden Globe nominees including both male and female best comedian and film actresses. Gosling and Stone successfully portrayed two young artists looking for opportunities at the Hollywood movie capital.

Being two souls with rich emotion and possessing great ambitions, Sebastian and Mia have worked hard to pursue the dreams they cherished. That is the motivation for the two of them to come together, to be the catalyst to connect them. La La Land sends a message of meaning: how to balance life and art, balance the reality and the dream, and especially balance your feelings for art and love. You feel for the people around you.

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