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When two Chicago musicians, Joe and Jerry, witness the the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, they want to get out of town and get away from the gangster responsible, Spats Colombo. They’re desperate to get a gig out of town but the only job they know of is in an all-girl band heading to Florida. They show up at the train station as Josephine and Daphne, the replacement saxophone and bass players. They certainly enjoy being around the girls, especially Sugar Kane Kowalczyk who sings and plays the ukulele. Joe in particular sets out to woo her while Jerry/Daphne is wooed by a millionaire, Osgood Fielding III. Mayhem ensues as the two men try to keep their true identities hidden and Spats Colombo and his crew show up for a meeting with several other crime lords.

Some Like It Hot  – A gender-bending comedy ahead of its time

What jack lemmon and tony curtis do in “a few like it warm” might be par for the direction in contemporary movies – each other month, similar fish-out-of-water movies choicest with guys posing as women (“tootsie”), ladies posing as guys (“the partner”), black human beings posing as white people (“white chicks”), and on and on. What makes “a few love it warm” exclusive is matters: the power of its comedy, and the presence of marilyn monroe, then at the peak of stardom.

Lemmon and curtis flip in admirable performances both as joe and jerry, and as josephine and daphne. Tony curtis does lemmon one higher with the aid of growing a third identity, “junior”, so one can woo sugar kane (monroe).

Tying the pair’s tale into the chicago valentine’s day bloodbath, where a gang battle spilled over into a parking storage, leaving a number of human beings coated up in opposition to the wall and shot, is a deft contact (even though the extreme tone of those gang sequences contrasts sharply with the bulk of the movie).

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The film does an exceptional activity building the a ways-fetched stakes of the movie ever-better, from their locating safe haven from vengeful gangs in a women’s jazz band, to their showdown inside the florida inn, to the eventual revealing of curtis’ and lemmon’s identities. The movie’s surprisingly suggestive and risque content is at odds with the time-frame of the film, and even with the period of the film’s advent. The numerous smart double-entendres and performs on phrases are thoroughly-written, and exchange among lowbrow and intellectual comedy,

The movies only fault is probably more than one overlong musical numbers, executed either by the entire band or soloed by way of sugar kane. Though to be anticipated in a marilyn monroe movie, those musical acts are literal “show stoppers” that convey the comedic momentum of the film to a screeching halt. However, it is easy to over look those minor defects in the movie as a whole, due to the fact by means of and huge it’s far quite humorous – no wonder it s considered a traditional – and in any case, “no one’s best”.





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