West Side Story Review – An uncompromisingly great film

West Side Story Review – Despite the fact that i assume i have seen pretty much each musical there is from the 40s to the Nineteen Seventies, i might in no way visible west aspect tale till remaining night time. An top notch omission on my part, as having visible it, i simply assume it is genuinely excellent.

I bought the dvd “on spec” in a cd/dvd exchange shop in sydney for $10. I have had it in my hand multiple times earlier than but have constantly placed it back at the shelf. This time i went via with the acquisition and am now questioning what ought to have come over me, not buying it earlier than.

The ones right here who’ve said you really need to observe it on the huge display screen are certainly proper. In my case i watched it using a video projector throwing the photograph, huge, shiny and beautiful, onto a 12 foot display. The photography used the huge display screen layout uncompromisingly. There was no caution here to border the action for possible television cropping, or maybe tons consideration given to a 2.35:1 “cinemascope” presentation. Incredible panavision’s component ratio is not as wide as cinemascope’s 2.35:1, and each rectangular inch of display screen space was used for one or some other essential detail of composition.

Bernstein’s track is a excursion de force. Having watched on the town just a few days again, it was interesting to comparison the two musicals. In town is, of direction, 15 years or so older than west aspect tale, but a contrast between the two scores is chalk and cheese. You can tell that bernstein become maintaining himself returned in on the town. It wasn’t his project. The numbers have been nearly self-censored. But west side tale became his infant, and it indicates.


The sheer brilliance of the song, the mesmerizing daring of it, its raucous atonality coupled with sweetness of melody are awesomely brilliant, as show-stopper after display-stopper is thrown onto the screen to constantly up the amazement quotient, time after time.

I performed west aspect tale loud, very loud. The surround sound knocked my socks off from the opening aerial atmosphere of manhattan streets to the orchestrations themselves. I consider bernstein inside the documentary approximately the live performance model of west aspect story pronouncing, apart to the digital camera, after “cool, boy” became recorded, “you know, this is quite excellent…” one of the brilliant understatements, even if coming from the song’s author.

See this film. Play it loud. Watch it on a massive screen if you may. If you do you could, like i did, take a seat there thrilled, swinging your head from one side of the fantastic panavision screen to the opposite, seeking to take in the overwhelming avalanche coming at your eyes, your ears and your coronary heart. It turned into an almost ideal transfer from film to dvd: shade, sharpness, depth.

It’s been an extended at the same time as given that i have watched a film with a silly grin on my face proper through, now and again gasping on the sheer knock-out brilliance of what movie-making can be at its pleasant. West facet tale was one of these times.

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