Review Phantom of the Paradise 1974

Brian De Palma is a filmmaker who has current ideas and engages them in something fresh and original (or at least tried). Normally, it’s Hitchcock on De Palma’s tribute list, but on this occasion, classic Phantom of the Opera and the legendary Faust are honored. De Palma has turned two stories into a very strange movie.

Winslow Leach is a songwriter whose lyrics were stolen by the giant record label ‘Swan’. Winslow did not notice this a bit, and less when he was framed and sent to Sing-Sing. However, he was out and while trying to take revenge for himself, he had fallen into a press exchange, causing his face to malfunction … ouch. The plot is denser because of the fact that Swan is planning to open a new rock club called ‘The Paradise’, and that is the word Winslow wants to use for the opening. However, now scarred and nowhere to go; Winslow decided to haunt The Paradise with the help of a silly plastic mask … becoming famous as ‘The Phantom’. But wait! The fun does not stop there, as De Palma, dissatisfied with the dense storyline decided to complete the Phantom of the Opera of the story by adding a female singer to the phantom to haunt – here played by Jessica Harper.

This is an important movie for Jessica Harper, as well as this performance she impressed Dario Argento as she played a prominent role in her career – “Suspiria.” It’s a shame that Harper did not make more movies, because she has a very cute look, it’s good with horror in both of these films and it’s definitely Suspiria. I’m not sure what Brian De Palma is trying to achieve with this movie … there is no real point, and the plot is anything but tight a lot of time, leading me to believe he was just Would like to make a brilliant music with horror elements, and if that is the case; I dare say that he succeeded. Phantom of paradise is a lot of fun; The amount of music is fun, and the movie is fun overall. Some people will not appreciate it, just because it is weird and bizarre; But if you are a fan of that kind of movie, you’ve come to the right place.

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Although not as well-done as “Dressed to Kill” or some other remake of De Palma, and although the plot may be a little confusing; The Phantom of the Paradise stands because it is so different from almost anything else that has ever been produced, and it comes with an offer for that reason.

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