[Review] Baby Driver: Combination La La Land & Fast And Furious

Baby Driver proves that a cinematic movie about the fate of today can make the audience do not have to “leave the brain at home” to see the movie.

Baby was a happy boy, growing up in the singing of the beautiful mother until the quarrel between the two birth ends in … the tail of the truck. Bearing the physical and mental traces from the accident, Baby can not leave the ipod also endless music. A teenage error made him meet boss Doc and had to hire him for more than ten years, becoming the only driver cum lucky luck to the tycoons carrying out the plan looting. Slowly, Baby increasingly can not bear the crazy action of this group. He decided to stop, do an ordinary pizza delivery guy, take care of disabled father and enjoy love with a beautiful waitress. However, “old friends” do not let go of him. They want Baby to support a new mission. And like most movies, of course, such robbers never go smoothly!

Music is the indispensable part of Watch Baby Driver putlockers . In order to make the hiss, to pull the trigger, to fight the perfect match with 35 songs, Edgar Wright probably did not choose the music for the script but instead chose the music for the new film and then wrote the script. A movie full of melodies and make the audience ecstatic.

Film color is beautiful, bright and impressive. Variable rotation angle, continuous angle change. The “steering” phase of the heart is no less than the racing super car was invested several hundred million dollars. Costumes, also a highlight of Baby Driver. Baby with simple clothes but still stand out by the standard form of Ansel. Debora pretty young with the dresses “news”, Monica charm with the outfit, Doc in the suit jacket. And the crazy Bats are also portrayed full of the nature of young buffaloes in the dazzling hip-hop clothes viewers.

Compared to Edgar’s previous favorite films, the Baby Driver storyline is lacking in particular, not so much the style or parody of Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead … However, that does not affect. Because everything was so perfect. Baby Driver did not have an end to the “eye-flattening” viewer who was suddenly in the movie. Situations change like fast, people turn up as fast as hands. Who is the last enemy you know?

Unlike Damien Chazelle giving the audience a dream and pulling them back to reality in the end La La Land, Edgar Wright has a great solution for Baby Driver. Unsatisfied viewers like Fast And Furious did not throw cold water on souls watching the movie, Baby Driver has a perfect ending.

With what Baby Driver can do, fans have the right to think of prestigious awards. It was time for Edgar Wright to make a nomination for his great direction. And of course, there is no shortage of an Oscar nomination for best soundtrack.

Ansel Elgort has had the most impressive role in his career so far. In addition to the handsome tall figure, baby face enough to attract the sisters and brothers, Ansel’s performance is also very moving. Especially the eye-catching soul, although Baby black glasses all day. It seemed that all the other actors took a step back to give Baby a shine. And the boy born in 1994 took advantage of this opportunity.

At first, Lily James’s Debora had a sexy look but did not make a strong impression. Later on, when Debora undergoing severe situations, this girl has the opportunity to shine. Lily James reminds people that she is a recognized and loved actress, not just her Cinderella-covered Cinderella.

Baby Driver has a very cute voice as Baby and Debora meet for the first time. Debora’s bunny card “B-A-B-Y” is full of sweet, the way she laughed with Baby and wondered the song about Debora only one but the song about Baby is countless. Two young people have very simple dreams. A beautiful car, together, launched on the airy roads … All make up the romance in the tune, the majority of viewers compared to La La Land.

Taking on the role of jokes for the film, Jamie Foxx made a strong impression on the hyper-humorous lines. However, he still expresses the danger of the character. Bats is a madman who is ready to kill, slash and mass-fire, and is also a smart and sensitive man. Jon Hamm also has an excellent role as his co-star. The assassin came from Wall Street, because of the beautiful beauty that lost everything. Jon’s cool eyes and talented acting skills helped Buddy become the character that made the audience unforgettable.

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