Pitch Perfect 3: Not so perfect

Pitch Perfect films show Hollywood contempt for female viewers. Original is a funny movie for women and also likes men. A movie is useful if it is lacking.

Since then it has been a case of declining profits as each of the sequels gets worse. In the third part, the script seems to be formed when it goes along. The third chapter goes back to the basics and focuses on the main cast, along with Hailee Steinfeld and Chrissie Fit from Pitch Perfect 2 putlocker.

The Bellas went their separate ways after the previous film. Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) is leading a new version of Bellas and asks the girls to attend a reunion they do to mean that Bellas will initially reunite. Seems like the original girls are not happy with their work and would love to sing together again.

Aubrey (Anna Camp) uses his father’s military connection to enter the USO and perform in Europe where they have a chance to compete to become the opening act for DJ Khaled, who looks impressive with vocals. Beca (Anna Kendrick).



Pitch Perfect 3

Television hosts Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins) pop up again to make profound insults on Bella and then follow them to make a documentary about the group, an idea It’s a bit of a mess to add to the plot, it’s a forgotten part of the way through.

The main plot involves Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), who reunites with her fiancé (John Lithgow) but he cares more about her foreign bank account that contains a lot of money.

At least the singing is great but the story is horrible, at least the cast has spent a few days in Nice. John Lithgow has a nice stab at an Australian accent but there seems to be no real Australian actor available.


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