“Pitch Perfect 3”: The next part of the spectacular.

If the purse market in 2017 of the movie is a sumptuous banquet and taste, a lot of new musical comedy “pitch perfect in the last three years is a” sweet dessert delicacy of the audience will not miss.

See the first time in 2012, “the perfect couple” quickly to the producers of $11 billion 500 million in worldwide box office revenue level, not just only 170 thousand yuan of funds. Three years later, the second part of the film to prove his charm, strong record breaking a part of income 2 million 900 thousand times and 2.5 times, reached before. Not so, what surprised the producer ready to “third part light” series is very popular is to continue.

Recently, the second trailer at the end of the series to the family beyond all expectations, the official village, a general program, revealing the music scene color, but also hard. Now a member of the Bellas group have graduated from University, into adult life where Acapella is not just singing. However, “life is like a dream, they hope that their graduation box is no one really want.

The trailer at the start, Emily (as Hayley Stanfield) – a member of the group of the old Bellas invited to attend a special event in the school. I thought I was invited to perform, but not happy time, the same group of “drive a duck onto a perch as the audience. She is now a new band captain, you this time the aim is to invite my group (Anna Kendrick), Rebecca fat Amy (rebel Wilson), Ashley (Shelley regner)… Enjoy… Show, they have established the meritorious service.

For a moment the girl of the old Bellas group witnessed great performances below the stage is when they realize that passion songs each member has never reduced chance. “Your aunt sister” to decide: Adventure shows each break let the bright together last time on the stage of the dream. But the journey came on stage seems to be not so simple, because they have to face the opponent is not a band of musicians also sings very well.

This is a very talented opponent, because strange people to make their own “group also doubt the ability is better than us in good! ”

However, the latest film is also a problem, because when you adjust group received contract. That means everyone should collapse. To solve this problem, because when performing together on the stage, the size of USO is the hope of the whole group appeared, but as an independent artist, she is eager to have for a long time.?

Founded at the end of the 2017, “pitch perfect 3” will continue to high pitched notes, a member of Bellas group’s story. After the Bellas victory at the World Championships has disintegrated, and found that they could not find work, according to their own love school. However, when I have the opportunity to participate in foreign organized tour, the band USO, bookworm personality she decided to attend the last time together and decided to sing their problems and trouble again.

Not only the normalized personality music “three themes, pitch perfect”, to attract the audience, because the information on the meaning of life through understanding the work but the installation with the orchestra actor returned from the first part: Anna Kendrick Wilson, rebel, Anna Hayley, Brittany snow, camp Stanfield, and some new faces, like the Ruby Rose girl artistic talent (XXX: the return of Cage John Wick 2 Chapter South Zahnd Cairen……), rice (John Lithgow to destroy interstellar, daddy’s home, 2……)

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