Pitch Perfect 3: Ending for rebellious girls

Pitch Perfect 3: Ending for rebellious girls

“Pitch Perfect,” also known as “Perfect Rebellion,” ends in the third season. The movie shows that the very young Bellas no longer retain the charm as ever.

In the third episode, members of the Barden Bellas acapella group became mature women, having their own jobs and lives.

Nevertheless, the passion of singing and the spirit of “dancing” on stage still smoldering inside each person.

The USO tour of the US Army across Europe was a pretext for the small fireflies to reunite.

Beca (Anna Kendrick), after deciding to retire from musical production, continues to lead the band, leading Bellas back to the stage with new “rebellions”.

Audiences once again witnessed the hot girls, shoulder to shoulder in the music competition to win the opportunity to perform with famous DJ Khaled in France.

If anyone remembers Anna Kendrick with the famous song Cups at Pitch Perfect (2012) or can not forget the scene of the little girls gathered around the fire, sharing each smile, tear in the second, then They have the right to wait for a more spectacular comeback of the legendary Bellas group with the ending.

However, the director Trish Sie proved quite lyrical with the new story full of cluttered, with a series of forced situations, lack of links with the previous two.

Fall of Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) suddenly appeared and became the knot of the story is superficially explained. And the rescue of the sea team on the sound of the song Toxic suddenly became a long performance.

Amy’s “fat” past tale could have been more engaging and dramatic, if the script had a tight build, as well as more emphasis on character.

Even musical performances in Pitch Perfect 3 are not as high-quality as the previous two.
Just like the previous two episodes, viewers must wait for the explosive, emotional performances that contain the creativity and rebellion of the talented girls. Song, the film does not leave any memorable song, in addition to the popular songs that have become familiar as Toxic, Stronger, One More Night …

In addition to the impromptu scene when the bands first met, the series of Pitch Perfect 3 performances are no different than the dull cover songs from amateur groups, which can be eliminated from the first round. at university level music contests.

What makes Pitch Perfect 3 so much more interesting is that it’s just a matter of meeting the familiar girl group. Each person’s personality, a job, a different charm, they still bring certain laughter.

If the idea of ​​pushing Amy up as central character has not been thoroughly developed, Anna’s Kendrick Beca suddenly becomes boring, easy to guess. That made both Pitch Perfect 3 main characters always lacking in something attractive.

Looking back on the past, Pitch Perfect makes a mark in the heart of the audience thanks to the school story with dreams, burning dreams. If the third part is the farewell, closing the series on the subject of music, the audience may feel just happy, sorry.

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In addition to the shortcomings, the film brings the message of maturity. The girls of Barden Bellas, or anyone in life, are about to grow up, face reality, instead of pursuing unsuitable dreams.

Dreams, ambition was the motive force for young girls to live up to their youthful years. But at some point, each individual needs to get out of that brilliant light, to live his life.

Accordingly, Pitch Perfect 3 will still be memorable for the fans of Beca “small but martial”, Amy “fat” always liked to be the focus of the crowd, the performance, the contest School music reminiscent of the life that everyone has experienced and attached.

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