Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free

Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free

Northern Soul movie: This is a movie to immerse yourself in, to lose yourself in, to get into the groove of. It’s tremendous in the way that you plunge headlong into some sweaty dj-dysfunction, and the perils of the needle, whilst laughing almost all the way. The main protagonist develops quite a set of pecs over the duration, we all said we felt like dancing afterwards, this is an energetic film.

Watch Northern Soul movie online free

Review Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free by iamchrisallan: Bloody brilliant

So I saw Northern Soul the film tonight for the 2nd time. The first time I saw it was at the premier and it wasn’t in a proper cinema and the sound was so bad that you couldn’t pick out the dialogue.

I am so glad I went back. I realise that I am biased but it’s a bloody good film. I happen to have been lucky enough to be an extra in the dance scenes and have waited 2 years to see this film make it to the big screen. Many times along the way I thought it would never come.

Elaine Constantine, the director, captures 2 things really well: the 70s and the passion for northern soul.

She paints a great picture of growing up working class in the 70s and doesn’t give in to the more comedic ideas of 70s fashion. This is all very real and there’s not one Chopper or Space Hopper in sight.

The film is dark and gritty but the soundtrack is amazing and her dancers are spot on. Elaine’s experience as a photographer is very evident throughout as is her passion for the subject matter.

She brilliantly captures the look on a dancer’s face when they are lost in the music, when it’s just you, the music and the dance floor.

There are several cameos in the film and all are played down and the young leads really shine. All the cast do a superb job. I love the fact that James Lance is a great soul dancer and he picked up the moves to better understand his role but you never see him dance in the film. You can feel that love, that dedication throughout from all involved. This was a labour of love and it worked.

Although the film sinks into a very dark place she really lifts it with the final scenes.

A great British picture and I was proud to be allowed to be part of it.

Review Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free by adam wardknott: Constantine’s Calling Card

Like her contemporaries, Anton Corbijn (Control) and Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy), Constantine has moved effortlessly from photography to film making, and like those directors has chosen to create a story around a moment in the British pop music scene. Constantine however has created a traditional story of friendship focusing on musical obsession, and the darker side of of a scene that has now become legendary.

What makes this movie different from the work of the other directors is its obsessive attention to detail. Just read the credits at the end to see how much work was out into creating the authentic feel of the northern soul scene and its music and fashion. Shoes and clothes sourced from original manufacturers, dance teachers and dance sponsors. The cinematography reflects the grimness of 1970s England, post power cuts and pre- punk. The acting is top notch and to be fair the cameos from the likes of Coogan and Tomlinson are a bit of a distraction.

The narrative flow is a bit uneven and characters sometimes having little or no backstory, and the predictability of the story arc is somewhat uninspiring. However, this is definitely one of the best British films of recent years. A fun if rather safe British drama, it entertains and I left the cinema with a smile on my face and a few dance moves in my head.

Review Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free by Mike Raybone: Wonderfully Crafted Film

The film was a wonderful insight into 1970’s working class Britain. Cameo roles from some great British Actors. Ricky Tomlinson, John Thomson, Lisa Stanfield and Alan Partridge himself ( 🙂 )combined with the vibrancy of the Northern Soul Scene and a great sound track made for a great nights entertainment…. The care taken to get the sense of futility being a teenager in 1970’s represented and the hope Northern Soul represented – in this case a trip to the USA and a future was sublime. Also a clever twist on boy meets girl boy loses girl and boy wins girl back meant the plot held its own extremely well…. They were dancing in the aisles during the credits on the way out and a group of teenagers were being taught some moves in the centre of Bristol too by a few oldies who ‘were there’….great fun

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Review Northern Soul movie | Watch Northern Soul online free by Richard Jones: More a film about the music and dance than about the characters

Firstly, it’s helpful to have watched the recent BBC4 documentary about Northern Soul. It’s obvious to see that the film’s director – who appeared in the documentary – made the film to bring the story of Northern Soul to the big screen. As such, the music, the style, the dance halls, and the dancing are the prime focus of the film, with the fictional drama and characters being of a secondary concern, and it feels they only exist on which to present the phenomenon of Northern Soul, least of all the drugs use which accompanied it.

It’s a pity that not the same amount of effort was put towards the drama aspect of the film as was put towards the music, the fashions, and the dancing, as it would then have felt a more cohesive whole, but it’s churlish to pick such faults in what is otherwise an most enjoyable film. Naturally, the added bonus is the soul music, even though its brilliance does tend to outshine other aspects of the film. The local indie cinema in which I watched it this pm (October 17th) was fully booked for the entire week that they’re showing this film, which goes to show it’s been highly anticipated. Recommended.


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