Movie message of The Nut Job 2

Movie message of The Nut Job 2

The Nut Job 2 is a lovely story but extremely rich in message. This is really an animated film can not be ignored.

The story starts with …nuts

Opposite Oakton’s Liberty Park is a closed chestnut shop due to poor trade. It is a place where no one looks sadly at the passing, but is considered the paradise of animals in the park.

The Nut Job 2

They have enough chestnuts, peanuts and other foods to eat for half a life without looking for them. He found out that “paradise” is Surly – a chipmunk but smart and hot and high self. Of course, with the discovery of dozens of food, Surly is well respected in the eyes of other animals.

The Nut Job 2, alongside leisureism, the unwillingness of most people to be affected by Surly remains, Andie – the chipmunk chipmunk loyal to labor. Andie is determined not to take anything from the store and live on the food she finds.

Life will be peaceful if the chestnut shop does not have a fire. Accidents happen so suddenly that other animals such as mole rat, squirrel or dog extremely confused. Perhaps they have lived too long in their leisure, so they have lost the instinct that Mother Nature offers. This makes the life of people in the park extremely difficult.

Convey the message of natural protection

For animators, the first target audience for the movie is probably the little ones. So the educational message was integrated into the chestnut 2 very directly, but not forced. For example, Cal Brunker created the situation where the mayor of Oakton intended to sabotage the park, where Surly and the rest of the population lived to build a low-grade amusement park for illegal profits. Not so many trees were cut down, but many animals were caught, leaving the environment of nature undamaged.

At this moment, Surly, Andie and the other members decided to team together to fight back to the park. Time and again, all their efforts fail. But thanks to the persistence of the team, Surly’s intelligence and the help of the mouse, Feng was born with his friends, Liberty Park was liberated from the evil mayor. The environment of the park has been rebuilt by people around the world.

Only by the funny cartoon footage, the filmmakers have ingeniously incorporated environmental protection lessons, love animals sent to the audience children and adults.

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Friendship is living for each other and for each other

Before and during the battle to regain the park, among the members together occurs no less contradictory. Not because they hate each other, but because each person’s ego is too big. But after all, they learned to forgive, understand and sympathize with their friends. Because of friendship, is living for each other and for each other.

Typically aggressive and aggressive character as Surly, because of impulsive temperament was accidentally causing the mouse Buddy seriously injured. But Buddy is always a quiet companion, always support Surly in everything. And that is exactly what the adults and young people need to learn from this film.

Regardless of whether the animals are high or low, the problem of eating habits is also a matter of ages. So it can be said that 2nd chestnut has fulfilled its mission. They bring laughter to satisfy the audience, making them forget the weariness of life but still convey the message civilized. It is the consciousness of protecting the environment, loving animals, respecting friends and realizing more clearly the value of labor.

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