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The Martian worthy blockbuster title fiction for excellence in this October due to storyline or humour to highlight a few movies not too seriously as Gravity or carrying heavy computer science as Interstellar.

If as before, Gravity and Interstellar each front of the audience loved these films on the subject of space travel fiction, then surely The Martian can also do the same and even more. While Gravity serious, Interstellar is going into science with the theory makes the viewer reeling then The Martian-Man From Mars bore little something casual, risk and adventure. These factors have turned The Martian became the more popular match rather than bring heavy computer art such as two “forums”.

The Martian-Man From Mars recounts survival struggle full of fierce Mark Watney, a distressed astronaut and dropped back at Mars. Listen to it you will see this storyline never refreshing, even once used to go back so many times in the use of films on the subject of space travel before.

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But for The Martian-People From Mars, the audience would not have to witness the “myself” by the astronauts when trapped in that story about efforts to survive will be running in parallel at two online which is on Mars and even in the technical team member of NASA in the Earth.

The main focus at all on the efforts of the rescue nhórm in the Earth have helped for the content of the film is somewhat less “fictitious” and survival of the protagonist is Guy Mark Watney (played by the actor Matt Damon role) becomes the extra effort the force of a collective, of all mankind and not just follow simple logic-“For the main character is unable to die”.

A pretty interesting thing did for The Martian different compared with the works of the same topics such as Gravity or Interstellar that’s humor is cleverly integrated into the movie scene makes the film’s content does not become too seriously as of Gravity, also not too scientific level and makes the viewer headaches as for Interstellar.

About the performances of the actors, then perhaps the actor Matt Damon (the male lead role Mark Watney) just trying to fulfill her role was not really totally incarnation on the character by the psychology has not really complicated enough.

The character Mark of Watney Matt Damon proved to be an incredibly smart guy (of course, if not then why đươcn NASA selection) when can do enough things to establish basic living conditions though in harsh conditions such as on Mars. However, in the scenes showing the desperation, showing the pressure when faced with the danger of losing his life, then it looks like Matt Damon’s performance yet deep enough for viewers to see the fierce survival struggles in which the character Mark Watney’s we are experiencing.

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Can this part be due to the cause of the script when it brought many elements of humor, adventure and adventure to make time for the scene of despair, of the fierce war survive become faint and more than a lot of not entirely the fault of Matt Damon.

Rescue groups in the earth did quite well in his task and help push the film’s speed, turn the war living alone becomes a race against time to rescue the stranded astronauts on Mars.

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