‘La La Land’: the love song of the dreamer

La La Land Trailer – Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are great in Crazy, Stupid, Love, but this time, the way they wave will still make many other actors jealous. Good facial expressions and choreography in addition to expectations, Emma Stone brought a Mia full of vitality in each step, each jerked his chin, shrugged to the music. Ryan Gosling, despite being elegant, a thousand times cooler does not make the audience bored by the look, love in every look.

Uniform and uniform also honed the charm of the duo predicted the most beautiful screen this year. Emma Stone is natural, lively and fresh in classic white shirts. The monochromatic bat tosses in the dances are designed individually to show the beautiful shoulder and back of the beautiful. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling is loyal to elegant suits, helping to balance his co-star as they swivel their dance moves.

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