“Jumanji 1995”: The Great Children’s Film of the 90s

It can not be classified as classic children’s books such as “E.T.” or “The Goonies” but “Jumanji” still left a deep impression in the hearts of the 9x generation who grew up with the movie.

The 1990s were a great time in contemporary mass culture. The hair is loose and the baggy clothes become fashionable. The music has seen the rise of US-UK boy bands, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Game Village also shakes with the launch of the first PlayStation.

In film, the 90s opened up the revolution in filmmaking with the rise of CGI, starting with Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Jurassic Park. The first 3D animated film – Toy Story was released by Disney / Pixar in 1995. Star Wars returned to The Phantom Menance and Titanic became the global box office phenomenon.

There are also a handful of releases to come out this decade, including Independence Day, The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Men In Black, Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy, and more. is Robin Williams comedy Jumanji.

If you did not grow up in the 1990s, you would not have heard of Jumanji. Because the critics are not appreciated nor impressive revenue, the movie was quickly forgotten by audiences. However, with the children who have seen Jumanji, this work has always been somewhere in the subconscious mind so that later on when adults grow up, memories come back every time we encounter a movie on the small screen.

Jumanji’s story began in 1969 when Alan Parrish accidentally found a mysterious puzzle game called Jumanji. He brought home and played with her friend Sarah Whittle. The two soon realize that this is not a normal game when, in the first turn, Alan is sucked inside the chessboard and Sarah runs away. People think Alan has left home and Sarah has to live with the obsession about the game as well as Alan.

Sixty years later, Sarah and two grandchildren Judy and Peter moved to an old house without knowing that this was the old house of the Parrish family. During the cleanup, Judy and Peter accidentally discover the Jumanji chess board and free Alan from the beginning. Now a grown man, Alan must help Sarah overcome the fear of working together with Judy and Peter to complete the game, reversing the terrible damage that Jumanji has caused.

Acting as the focus of the story, all the happenings in the movie revolve around the Jumanji chess board. The idea of ​​the game going beyond the real world of the movie was really new, realizing the imagination of the kids about their game. However, they are not lightweight, peaceful but on the contrary, extremely dangerous and terrifying.

Jumanji copied how to build the climax from the thriller line. Whenever a dice roll out, a mysterious word appears, so we have to guess what the game will bring us. This creates a gloomy atmosphere in each country, as viewers and characters do not know what will happen next. The film pushed the audience, making them also heartwarming to the end of Jumanji.

However, this also caused the film circuit to stretch too much. Instead of trying to finish the game early, all four characters sit down for the next event to happen. And this wait is repeated throughout the movie, which leads to unnecessary nagging.

Funny situations are brought in at the right time, balancing the film, for whatever it is is a children’s work. However, the reunion or comedy is not what makes Jumanji special. Hiding behind the plot is simply a bit dark. The film deals with childhood fear, the scary creatures and the lack of parental affection through character Alan Parrish. Alan was trapped for 26 years in a horror world and everyone thought he was dead. Not only that, when back to his parents also died. Just imagine the feeling that Alan undergoes enough to make viewers shiver. It sounds heavy but thanks to these factors, Jumanji can survive for so long in the audience.

On acting, Robin Williams is certainly the highlight of the movie. Although the role is a silly forest man, but Robin Williams still devote his heart to play this role in the most sincere. His dedication energizes both his co-workers, helping to create the four main characters.

In addition, Jumanji’s 22-year-old tricks are no longer catching up with today’s state-of-the-art CGI technology. Now looking back, the look in the film looks very artificial, and the spiders are clearly stiff models. After all, you can not blame Jumanji for this.

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In general, Jumanji is a suspense film, sometimes a bit dark but still a fun family entertainment. It’s not that great, but Robin Williams’ exciting storyline and quality performance will appeal to viewers. If you can get rid of some old-fashioned techniques, Jumanji is a dozen

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