Impressions made the brand Pitch Perfect movie

By the end of December this year, the hit movie “Perfect Pitch 3” will come back and resound as the final note to end the film’s flamboyantly successful 2017. Universal reputation. This is also the last part of the global music phenomenon, when the beautiful girl group Bellas leave the roof and step out of life with many difficulties and dreams unfinished. Again, music is the glue that ties the girls together so they can shine together one last time on stage, regain confidence and find inspiration in their work. they are pursuing.

Not only received the praise from the professionals, The Perfect Promise 3 also engraved in the minds of fans with the image of the young, sincere, and above all, the talent and passion. burning in music. Let’s take a look at the impressive music stamps that this hit series has left in the movie journey 6 years.

  1. Hits the world

In the first season to be released in 2012, the songs in the movie excelled in the “best selling album of the year” with over 800,000 copies. Featured in this album is the song Cups (When I’m Gone) by the female lead Anna Kendrick. The song quickly created a “cover” movement spreading all over the world with many interesting versions.

Cups (When I’m Gone) was also nominated for “World Music Prize” for the best song, reaching the Billboard Hot 100. Up till now, this MV has come Nearly 400 million views are attributed solely to Anna Kendrick’s personal Youtube page – numbers that even the real singers have longed for.

Following on from the success of his predecessor, Pitch Perfect 2 returns with a catchy tune that plunges the hearts of millions of movie and music fans around the world. With the rise of the song Flashlight performed by talented and beautiful singer Jessie J., the brand Pitch Perfect once again exploded the rankings around the globe. Flashlight reached # 68 on the Billboard Hot 100, earning a place on the Australian music charts and topping the charts in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

Flashlight has become one of the most famous contemporary soundtracks of all time, as well as hits such as My Heart Will Go On (Titanic), A Thousand Years (Twilight) ), Love Me Like You (Fifty Shades Of Gray) or See You Again (Fast & Furious 7).

2. The classic Riff Off (Singing), dramatic

If Step Up was famous for the team jumping, Pitch Perfect scored with impressive music. With the familiar songs, the creative mix, teamwork together and the harmony of the standard harmony, the stage has really become “special food” that any fan of the series. This music video is also looking forward to enjoying.

In order to perform Riff Off, the producers were not afraid to invest large sums of money to pay royalties for the songs that appeared in the movie. Participating groups will have to sing according to the theme they have been given. Any group that sings wrongly or improperly agrees to be eliminated. This is the playground of the Miss Bellas when the talent and harmony among the members is always a weapon that makes all opponents to be cautious.

However, this part 3 seems to have turned around when the group has climbed the glory of the Acapella league worldwide to confront the multi-talented group and have unique characteristics can not mix. confused Even Becca has to say: “It is strange that anyone is better than us in that we are good?”

3. Performance stage is meticulously and majestic

In both movies, in addition to the high quality of music, the staging of theatrical performances is always one of the prerequisites contributing to the success of the film. With the scale of the school, the first part of the show takes place in the classroom, the gym, the street or the hall with chic and energetic choreography and catchy melodies right at the age of the girls. Miss Bellas. In season 2, the film follows on when the group has become famous and has the opportunity to perform on the big stage. With this part, the manufacturer also boldly invested heavily in costumes, dances, theatrical monumental with the LED array of horror and the details of sound, light is extremely beautiful to highlight the whole. movie.

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Pitch Perfect 2 is a combination of High School Musical’s music and Step Up’s up-and-coming performances with elaborate songs and choreography, dramatic and larger stages. partial. At the end of season 2, the audience was overwhelmed by the finale being held as an outdoor concert. With thousands of flashlights flashing like starlit night sky, the Flashlight song resounded in the audience’s warmth.

With the standard investment in detail, the final tour of the Bellas Band in The Perfect Promise 3 will take place at the outdoor stage serving the majestic military, honoring the class of each. performance.

Superior Perfection 3 will close its six-year journey on the big screen of global music video. Famous actors such as Anna Kendrick, Rebel WIlson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Elizabeth Banks will once again be back to shine on stage. Do not miss out on the chance to meet the Bellas band and relive the hottest musical moments with movie memories and meaning of Perfect Reconciliation.

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