Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free

Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free

Get on up full movie: I know folks have been talking about a James Brown biopic for years and I secretly hoped that it would not come to pass. I feared that it would be butchered in an attempt to “butts in the seats”. I know folks need to make money but don’t kill something wonderful in the process. This movie was WAY better than I had hoped. Kudos to Mick Jagger and a standing ovation for Mr. Chadwick Boseman.

Get on up full movie

Review Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free

Watch Get on up online free

Review Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free by Holdjerhorses: Tight as any James Brown track!

Two viewings in three days, to fully appreciate the magnificent achievement that’s on screen. Not one extraneous word, scene, shot or sequence. The whole is as tight as James Brown’s hits – or his pants.

The underlying construction of these snapshots of James Brown’s life is flawless. Far from being haphazard or out-of-sequence for mere “effect,” this non- linear storytelling technique has rarely been used with greater impact. Thankfully, Tate Tayler, Mick Jagger, the other producers and writers, decided AGAINST the boring born-in-a-shack and then this happened, and next that happened, and finally he died structure.

Result? The film has unexpected rhythms that never let go and build to the astonishing, electrifying re-creation of Brown’s Paris concert that – even on second viewing – had me jumping out of my seat, fist-pumping the air and screaming, “YES!”

I wasn’t alone.

Chadwick Boseman may be the black male Meryl Streep. His technical achievements alone are remarkable: Brown’s moves, speech rhythms and timbre – but mainly his lip-syncing to Brown’s vocals: flawless!

Even in the final moments, as the aged Brown silences his band, then begins the haunting “Try Me” a capella – in a closeup so tight you practically see Boseman’s tonsils, his mouth, tongue placement, breathing and facial emotions are so perfectly and intensely aligned with Brown’s voice you’d swear Boseman were doing his own signing.

But Boseman is equally true portraying Brown at any age, any stage, from any distance. You can’t fake that level of acting proficiency. Whether he wins best actor, he is certain to (deservedly) be nominated.

Boseman’surrounded by an equally perfect cast, not one of whom rings false: ultimately a tribute to the director – stunningly supported by the script, cinematography and editing.

By comparison, Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” looks exactly like what it is: a tired, clichéd jukebox Broadway musical with great old safe, whitebread hits (distinguished mainly by Frankie Valli’s falsetto) and nothing else to write home about.

James Brown, on the other hand, was always in your face. So were (are) Mick Jagger and the Stones. And so, rightly, is “Get On Up” as a rousing cinematic experience that has to be seen to be believed.

Review Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free by Red_Identity: Pretty erratic

I feel like there really was an interesting film somewhere in here, somewhere buried deep inside here though. The performances here are solid, if not a little too over-the-top that venture on caricatures from the supporting roles. The lead performance, though, really is fantastic, and it’s such a shame that the film drags him down so much. The editing here is pretty atrocious, although much of it could be attributed to the screenplay’s problems and wanting to go through his whole life in little segments that really feel way too erratic. The set deigns are good as is the music segments, but James deserved a much better film, and the lead as well.

Get on up full movie

Review Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free by sales-70-819099: Amazing Performance

An eye opener for me. James Brown was one of the great innovators and leaders in American music and yet for many people he is a total unknown. Watching the movie one finds that his influence was immense on many of the musicians that followed him in all the many forms American music has evolved over the time, from rhythm and blues to rock and roll. It is fascinating look at the times from the post World War 2 period through the turmoil of the Civil Rights era. It is also a revelation about the music and the man. Amazing performance by Chadwick Boseman. The contrast between his portrayal of Jackie Robinson in 42 and this shows a great strength in acting ability. It is a truly Oscar worthy performance in and of itself. Hats off to Mick Jagger for producing this movie.

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Review Get on up full movie – Watch Get on up online free by Emma Dinkins: Chix Chat on Film review: The story of the Godfather of Soul

This film is long overdue, although it seemed to me that there was so much more content excluded from the storyline. If a film maker chooses to focus on the artistry and creativity that came forth from an individual then it is best not to delve too deeply into the demons, which for James Brown (Chadwick Boseman) were much bigger than portrayed in this film. I wasn’t a fan of the style of filmmaking applied to this tale, I would have preferred a more linear approach to the historical events that shaped Mr. Brown’s personality. Starting a story with some event that takes place at the end is not that unusual, but there was so much jumping back and forth from childhood to young adult to the ‘Godfather of Soul’ that it was hard to connect to the story initially. Then there were the soliloquies, I didn’t quite fathom why they were needed since they really did not add much to the storytelling other than try to place the audience inside of James’ head. This story of the lifelong friendship of James and Bobby Byrd (Nelsan Ellis) was interesting and engaging, but nothing about this film was more entertaining than the music. I tried to be a good moviegoer so I didn’t song along aloud, but it was almost impossible to just sit without moving to Caldonia and Get on Up. I couldn’t help but reminisce as Please, Please, Please and This is a Man’s World permeated the crowded theater. And yes, I fought back the tears during Try Me. The story did include a pivotal encounter with Little Richard (Brandon Smith) and the events that led to Bootsy Collins becoming a band member, but there were other musical icons that touched his life that were not mentioned. I guess the movie would have been too long to cover everyone. Mr. Boseman did a fine job of mimicking the enigmatic dance moves of Mr. Brown and his lip-syncing was palpable, but I just wasn’t fully convinced with the vocal recreation. James Brown had a distinctive style of speech that few have been able to capture. Eddie Murphy did it with his comic genius on SNL with Hot tub, but he too may have fallen short if he was expected to maintain the sometimes indistinguishable speak throughout a feature film. I enjoyed this film, I saw it with my mother who is 74 and she loved it. The first concert that I ever attended was a James Brown concert. You don’t know at the time that when you’re just out for some entertainment, you’re actually in the presence of greatness and that you are a part of historic events.


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