Fat Amy’s funny scenes in Pitch Perfect 3

Fat Amy is the most amusing character in Pitch Perfect 3.

Perfect Pitch 3 (Pitch Perfect 3) quickly won the hearts of not only music but also music enthusiasts. Followed by the previous two, this film revolves around the story of the band Bellas after winning the No. 1 spot in the World Championship. After the breakup, the girls realized that they could not find a job in their rich voice. When they heard about USO touring in some European countries, they decided to gather together to sing the song on stage before making the final decision about their life.

In addition to the hit songs, dramatic stage and moments of deposition, The Perfect Promise 3 also gives audiences a crisp laugh through the exciting scenes that arise from the love. Sickle in the movie. Formerly a comedian, her “Hollywood fat” Rebel Wilson seems to have enough to “weigh” nearly all muddy scenes to fall in the seat in the movie. Along with John Lithgow, they had a good time with their juggling, which made the fans even more excited. Spot the hottest scenes in The Perfect Promise 3 created by this super-funny duo.

1. Blade cut “sharp” her fatty Amy in front of the opponent

In this part 3, the opponents of the Barden Bellas now doubles and multiply. “There is a newcomer named Evermoist who is led by Calamity, a character played by Ruby Rose. There is also a Saddle Up – a country band that plays rock / country songs. And not to mention DJ Dragon Nuts and DJ Looney again … “, Rebel Wilson listed a long list of rival Bellas on this fateful tour.

Although only met for the first time, but after listening to the confident self-introduction of the fat heavyweight, her Fat Amy has the “sharp” text matched to her own qualities. In the air of intense confrontation, the Evermoist eloquent leader introduced the name of the group’s members, Calamity, Veracity, Charity, Serenity. Then, fatty Amy immediately responded very rhyme: “Call me Obesity.” Amy’s “innocence” made the whole room silent immediately. Even her friend Beca also looked up Amy admiringly for her intelligence and agility.

2. Amy: Moody excitement when her friend Beca fired

The opposite is attractive. This seems to be true for both Beca and Fat Amy’s buddies from appearance to personality. If Beca is a little girl, Fat Amy is a big baby with huge body fat and fat belly. If Beca has a closed lifestyle, always keep things for her own whether it’s fun or sad, then Fat Amy is a scary, easy to sell “apricot” with strangers that she is not familiar. know. If Beca is talented but lacking confidence in new opportunities, then Fat Amy is a smart enough person who can catch up quickly.

And also because of the completely opposite point in the personality and behavior between the pair of friends has a lot of situations in the past. Typically, when Beca encountered difficulties and stress at workplace so that she had to give up the job she had always dreamed of, instead of being comforted by a common friend, Beca was relieved by her friend. Idle too much attention so much that “choking”.

Throughout the three parts of the film, the audience can feel the friendship of a close friend of Beca – Fat Amy. Talking about her character and her friendship, actress Anna Kendrick said, “Because Beca is the only one who can endure Fat Amy’s bad habit. She is really interesting, Beca is such a straightforward man in the group, the other characters are extremely rebellious. She is a very understanding person and never feels bored. So, Beca is the happiest person to meet so differently. For Chloe, Aubrey or Fat Amy, she’s always cheerful. Beca is a roommate, a good friend of Fat Amy. ”

She added: “Like old friends, we meet again in a very natural way, like no separation.” .

3. Amy’s daring rescue plan to the utopia

Having met her father in years gone by, Fat Amy probably never imagined that his main purpose in approaching me was because of the huge amount of money she was holding in her bank account. Unsuccessful, Furgus’s father had planned to kidnap close friends in the Bellas group to extort Fat Amy. Immediately after learning that his sisters are in danger, with his inherent foothold, Fat Amy immediately set up a “perfect” escape plan for the party.

Fat Amy had a rock-solid performance with his father’s bodyguards. Everything becomes very easy until she confronts Henri (played by Cain Manoli), Furgus’s right-hand man, who was also given the chance by Amy for a long scar. In the cramped kitchen, with the tools available include: pots, sauerkraut, vegetables, sausages, wasabi … Fat Amy created a surprise goal, knock knock out. These tough but dramatic action scenes are perfect material, bringing laughter and excitement to the viewer.

As the main character that makes up the humor of the comedy series, Rebel Wilson does not talk about himself, but has made a lot of heartfelt comments for the female director Trish Sie: “Trish helped create a free fun and exciting on the set. I like the energy that comes out of her. People really had a great time participating in this movie.





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