Fat Amy Pitch Perfect 2: Reasons Why We All Need A Friend Like Fat Amy

Whilst pitch ideal blasted onto our displays in a frenzy of a capella glory almost four years in the past we had been hooked. The songs have been splendid, the lead character became properly-rounded and cool, and there were laughs aplenty.

However there was one man or woman who stood out above all the rest. A real hero who spoke to our souls like no man or woman had done given that bridget jones. And that man or woman became rebellion wilson’s fats amy. But why is she so great? Permit us to explain:

1. She has a robust stance on drugs. – no peer pressure will sway fat amy.

2. She isn’t always afraid to say ‘no’ in place of disappointing people at a later stage. – you could depend on fats amy.

3. Her trash-speakme is critically on-point! – slay, lady, slay!

4. You may truly assume her to back you up in case you ever run into hassle. – we would not want to make an enemy of fats amy, that’s for sure.

5. She tells it like it’s far. – honesty is the high-quality policy.

6. Amy additionally brings out honesty in other humans. – most effective a absolutely special man or woman can bring out the nice in others.

7. She does not permit society’s definitions segment her. – amy chooses her very own labels and does not permit everybody placed her in a box.

8. She continually is aware of the right component to say. – never say ‘penetrate’ except in a disaster.

9. And he or she constantly appears on the intense facet of lifestyles! – everything should worsen!

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10. You simply understand she’d have the equal reaction as you after getting despatched a dick p.C. – did we point out she’s brutally sincere?

11. She asks the huge questions. – and he or she’s going to get the credit score she deserves.

12. Fats amy is the queen of body self assurance! – and we love that approximately her!

13. And she or he loves meals just as lots as us. – simply store us a slice, are you able to, amy?

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