Departures japanese movie: One of my all-time favorite movies

Departures japanese movie: One of my all-time favorite movies

It had been years ago since a movie moved me so much that it had brought tears to my eyes, but I couldn’t keep my eyes dry while experiencing Okuribito. The story, acting, music and photography are all very impressive.

I guess everyone can in some way relate to the emotions that are conveyed in Okuribito. In my humble opinion this movie is a classic in the likes of Akira Kurosawa’s and Yasujiro Ozu’s best work: subtle, elegant, serene, soulful, touching and timelessly beautiful. This kind of cinematic storytelling stands high above the usual formula-driven, soulless, commercial Hollywood crap.

Departures japanese movie: Remarkable Movie, Deserved the Oscar

Review Departures: Many things can be advised approximately this film;how it remarkably cope with the “lifeless” problem, which means of life, circle of relatives members of the family etc… But what i have in general grasped from the film is (i additionally witnessed that in my 6 months of live in japan) that the manner the japanese human beings do their job. Absolutely devoted, in ideal persistence and subject. Irrespective of what they may be doing and what the salary is… They will be a waitress,a rubbish guy or as in the film; an encoffiner. They simply listen and do their task. So if you obtain bored from your process, i in reality suggest you watch this movie and evaluate yourself with the guy inside the lead position.And assume again.

Departures: Best Japanese film in 2008!

Stunning and touching movie approximately lifestyles and demise. My preferred films coping with the equal issue are akira kurosawa’s “ikiru” and “red beard”. Also, juzo itami’s comedy “funeral” is pretty properly one. Same as those grasp’s works, director takita efficaciously placed precise comedy elements on this critical movie. The idea “death is a gate for another world” may be based totally on buddhism notion, however i’m positive you can relate your self to this tale along with your very own experience of losing any person vital. Masahiro motoki turned into at his exceptional for the leading role. He as soon as played similar position in “sumo do, sumo do not” by means of director masayuki suo (lets dansu?) in phrases of being put in awkward state of affairs, concerned significantly and come to be finding the virtue in it. Tune score is by using joe hisaishi. High-quality as always. He has performed great jobs on movies for takeshi kitano and hayao miyazaki. I’m positive this will be the first-class jap film in 2008



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