Charlize Theron gains 22 pounds in new film

New movies of Charlize Theron is the rare works of Hollywood mining deep into the psychological crisis, fight with depression after the birth of the mother

Director Jason Reitman who brought much distress to the difficulties that women encounter in family life. He has cause resonates with the film about the relationship between a woman and her children (Young Adult), the film about a pregnant woman in adolescence (Juno).

With Tully movie, Jason Reitman describe the difficulties not everyone understand in the mother, the wife of any normal woman would.

In the latest trailer has just been announced on 6/4, actress Charlize Theron strong impression when as mother milk BIM exhausted after Marlo born third child.


That is the emotional disorder of women during pregnancy, childbirth, the body tired, annoyed by the night insomnia due to milk to breastfeed. Quit your job, stay home every day faced with, the keen ones of children, the relationship faded with her husband, lost his career and early life are the things that middle-aged mothers Marlo in the film is the opposite. Watch film Tully at HERE

After childbirth, women highly susceptible to the disease of depression. Tully is one of the very few movies tapped into this truth and it vivid and true way on the screen. “I’m archaic with the baby all day, and when night falls, how do I shoot 180 degrees ngoắt protection by type:” Hello, my husband, my sexy back then. ” I exhausted strength and character, “Marlo expressed.

Young girls do not work Tully is help helps the mother to regain the balance in life, overcome the terrible pressure after childbirth.

“She is always a loser, but she is the main person who has turned his biggest dream come true,” Tully said with Marlo.

Next story about motherhood, the film also brings to the cut of the psychological crisis from inside of the middle-aged woman once found myself lost youth.

This is the second time that beautiful woman Theron and Director Reitman teamed with each other after the Young Adult movies. The original actress South Africa must also increase about 22 kg to immersive images new mothers born in Tully.

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When the film was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January, the critics have appreciated the story and best actress Charlize Theron.

Indie Wire movie review page “incisive, honest to the naked” or sheets of Film Journal International praise this is “song bi comedy full of sympathy with the mother”.

The film will definitely be the new impressive milestones in performance psychology of Charlize Theron after long time sticking with provocative images of women. Get more praise from critics, Tully was looking for will in the race to Oscar in the year 2019.

The movie will be premiered on 11/5 to human, from mother’s day 13/5

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