Beauty and the Beast Disney movie

Beauty and the beast disney movie: Compared with the animated version of the classic was born in 1991 had been the public to receive inspirational, Beauty and the Beast this year Disney but is investing $ 160 million but has caused no little doubt after launching trailer series, advertising poster.

The final result from the live-action movie will give the public a little surprise. With Beauty and the Beast , the “Rat House” brings a fascinating movie experience in a different way, on the background of the old fairy tale, deeply rooted in people’s minds.

Overlooking the viewer from the first moment, Beauty and the Beast opens up the hectic, busy atmosphere of the town of Villeneuve in beautiful France.

Following the footsteps of Belle (Emma Watson), the viewer is penetrating into every corner of the countryside of France, meeting the gentle and happy faces, watching the flowerpot bloom on the balcony or booth full. ripe fruit

Contrary to the overwhelming life that is taking place here, across the hill and the jungle is the towering castle of snow, with a rose and a vicious curse on the left monster. hot heart, detained in loneliness.

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The monster (Dan Stevens) is actually the prince of a kingdom, inadvertently upset the fairy stray should be punished to bring the animal form animals. The curse will only be resolved if he finds true love before the last petal of the rose falls.

This love, as the story goes, comes from the poor girl who brings the heart of the rich village. The two of you go through a lot of different, different, difficult and challenging to race with time, to break the curse.

Choosing Emma Watson as the “beauty” is clearly seen as the success strategy of the production team. Viewers were immediately attracted by the angelic beauty with deep eyes and the blonde hair of the Hermione Sorceress.

Like Cinderella ‘s Lily James (2015), Emma Watson as the beautiful Belle becomes the next “fairy princess” from the fairy who walks on the screen, making the audience chattering, enjoying the stage dance , meticulously dressed in bridal gowns , meticulously, spinning to the music.

The piece of music was one of the biggest bright spots of the Beauty & Q animated version. The familiar theme song is shown in the film by Emma Thompson, as well as a recording of John Legend and Ariana Grande.

But throughout the film, audiences not only have the opportunity to enjoy the old-fashioned melodies, but also many new songs are completely composed for the film in 2017.

So, Beauty and the Beast is not only brilliant color and fun to shape the character. It also became a lively, bustling musical, performed by professional dancers, with gorgeous costumes on the stunning 3D stage.

Another interesting point that the audience once remembered about Beauty & Monsters is the lovely group of servants in the prince’s castle, which is attached to the curse that turns into objects. It’s actually a Disney creation compared to the original fairy tale (the prince locked himself in a lonely castle), which was invented for the 1991 animated film.

In the new version, the character group is still lovely because the dialogue is transmitted by radio from the clear, lingering English bold. These are the top stars in the land of fog like Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen or Ewan McGregor.

The appearance of quality sub-characters such as Lumiere’s voice by Ewan McGregor voices make the film become much more alive.
In addition to impressive beauty, Emma Watson continued to score points with audiences by the lovely voice, hesitating, when eager, busy. After Hermione’s cleverness, bravery in the Harry Potter series , Belle can be a turning point in the career of beautiful Britain.

Because the film is so familiar with the plot, audiences can hardly expect a breakthrough from script content or storytelling. It is important that the director of Bill Condon recreate that familiar story.

That may be what Belle will wear at the ballroom, the prince’s castle will be monumental, Monsters will laugh, sing, ride horses or dance valse to get the heart of how beautiful …

And Disney has succeeded in reviving an old story, with 3D technology, along with sound, images, and live action on the big screen. After all, whether the animated version or the real person plays, the audience, especially the children, will also be satisfied when witnessing a fairy tale featuring the cinematic magic.

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