Anna Kendrick: The ‘princess’ of the music video

Featuring a cheeky face and easy-to-hear vocals, the star of the two “Pitch Perfect” films has become a top choice for Hollywood movie directors.
‘Pitch Perfect 2’ hits the blockbuster ‘Mad Max’

Every year, there are not many big Hollywood music shows. But just over a half year period, from December 2014 to May 2015, Anna Kendrick has appeared in three major film projects, Into the Woods, The Last Five Years and Pitch Perfect 2. This shows Kendrick’s position in this genre. The actress also owns a music video with 200 million views on Youtube.

Anna Kendrick: Facts from a young age

Anna Kendrick was born in 1985 in Portland, Oregon. Although both parents are involved in financial affairs, they still support Kendrick as she shows her passion for art since the age of 10. Kendrick said she wanted to be an actress since watching Life with Mikey (1993) and wishing she was singing at the end. When watching the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis in In the Name of the Father (1993), she realizes the power of art.

Anna Kendrick’s first role was Dinah in the Broadway musical – High Society (1998). At the age of 13, the girl soon revealed her charisma and received “Theater World,” and was also nominated for a Tony Award. Anna Kendrick made history as the third youngest ever to receive this honor.

After impressing on many other musicals, Anna Kendrick began her career in Hollywood with Camp (2003). She continued to receive critical acclaim for her performance and was nominated for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” at Independent Spirit. Instead of continuing to develop a film career, Anna Kendrick has chosen the slow path that is sure to continue to practice and improve knowledge from the Broadway stage.

In 2007, she made her second feature film, Rocket Science, as an eloquent student. This role brought Anna Kendrick another nomination for Independent Spirit, while also expanding the opportunity for the actress in Hollywood. In the same year, she was casted as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy novel series. Twilight’s first film grossed $ 392 million globally and was also the first major film by Anna Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick: Oscar and humble personality

From 2009 to 2011, Anna Kendrick took part in three new episodes, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn 1″, before being knocked off the end of Breaking Dawn in 2012. She is always grateful to Twilight, for the ” “This gave her the chance to reach more audiences.

If Twilight is the project to help Anna Kendrick widely known, Up in the Air (2009) is a breakthrough in her career. In the film, Kendrick plays the new graduated ambition – Natalie. You have to taste the real world cruelly when working for Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) – a specialist in the field … fired, have life attached to the suitcase and the flight.

Up in the Air grossed $ 166 million globally and was considered one of the best films of 2009. The film received six Golden Globe nominations and six Academy Award nominations in 2010, where Anna Kendrick was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress”. At the age of 24, Anna Kendrick has had such success that many of her long-awaited dancers are: a brilliant beauty, starring opposite George Clooney and earning an Oscar nomination.

But the young girl recalls: “With an actor, humility must always be placed on ambition.” That’s why she was not present at the 2011 Oscars, after being overwhelmed by the media attention a year earlier. Anna Kendrick said she spent a really crazy year dressed up to wear a dress that was picked up by someone else, giving her cliché instead of real emotion, and even to the places where the impulse was. around unknown people. “I became an actor not because of these things.” The most memorable moment was probably when I returned home from the awards ceremony, sitting on my old bed when I was 18, turned on a Family Guy episode. Watch out and try to keep food out of a thousand dollars worth of dresses, “she said.

Anna Kendrick may not be the most famous person in Twilight, but to this point, she is the only character in the group was nominated for an Oscar.

Anna Kendrick: The new princess of the music video

After trying out a variety of genres, from comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, psychology (50/50), the end of the film to the cartoon voice (ParaNorman) , Anna Kendrick also returns with passion for music with Pitch Perfect (2012).

In the hit movie 2012, Kendrick plays the rebellious student Beca – who dreams of creating the perfect song. Upon entering Barden College, Beca discovers his singing ability when he joins the Barden Bellas acappella group. However, before the hand of success, Beca experienced many challenges such as disagreement with leader Bellas or relationship with the boys of the opposing team …

The $ 115 million-grossing movie was the best-selling movie of 2012. The Cups (When I’m Gone) song that Kendrick sang in the movie with props is that the mugs that make the sound have been released. as a single and reached the Billboard Hot 100. To date, MV Cups on Youtube has attracted more than 200 million views – a number that many true singers also aspire to.

The Last Five Years (2014), starring Cinderella in a forest of stars in Into the Woods (2014) before returning to the Bellas Orchestra in Pitch Perfect 2 this summer, Anna Kendrick is seen as a new princess of the music genre. In the first week of release, Pitch Perfect 2 conquered North American audiences and surpassed Mad Max: Fury Road to become the box office champion. This shows the undeniable charm of the name Anna Kendrick.

Beautiful people think that success is due to luck: “My life as it is now thanks to luck. I work very hard and never take it lightly, but this does not make me any better or talented than the other actors. There are many people who work on the same level and my talent is twice as good, so I am really fortunate to achieve what I have achieved. ”

In the future, Anna Kendrick will star in The Accountant (opposite Ben Affleck and J. Simmons) and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (with Zac Efron). No longer a dual as early as the beginning of the profession, now Anna Kendrick has become the female lead in the project of quality promises of Hollywood.

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