Anna Kendrick: Phenomenon on YouTube and Billboard.

Anna Kendrick is known as a pretty actress and has pretty acting (in Twilight, Up In The Air, 50/50 …). But when she performed her voice on the song Cups, her name became a phenomenon on YouTube and Billboard.

Cups, or Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone, is the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect (2012), starring Anna Kendrick. The song is considered a “sleeper hit”, translated as “sleepy hit song”, referring to the song or film was not heavily promoted, slowly released on the chart, but later reached. big and long.

Cups have been on the Billboard charts since October 2012 but have not yet reached the top 10 in July 2013, after a period of fever on YouTube thanks to a series of covers and remixes.

The unique feature of Cups is that the background sound is made by tapping the wooden floor (table or stage, depending on the situation), by Anna Kendrick himself.

This rhythm was not created by Anna but was learned from a cover version of the Cups song by Lulu And The Lampshades from the 1930s. When Cups came to audition for Pitch Perfect, and because the performance was so attractive, the filmmakers put the song into the movie.

But if the actress did not perform the song with this unique rhythm, the song was not so famous. All the cover clips of the Cups on YouTube have this characteristic tapping as an integral part of the song.

When the song became popular, she was acclaimed as an actor with a good voice and can sing very well. Particularly carpentry has led Anna to be loved by the audience, in the context of music today many artists abuse electronic techniques. And while many of the cast members are into music or singing, Anna is a music-based actress who played musicals as a child.

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It’s been almost a year since the Cups debuted in the Pitch Perfect movie, but the song still finds new audiences by continuing to be on the radio and singles of the same name released in June 2013, the joint The number is also quite good, reaching platinum (over 1 million copies).
This week, the Cups were No. 6 on Billboard. At the beginning, the song was quiet but it made a durable journey to create the fever as today. Thanks to Cups, the Pitch Perfect soundtrack album sold over 800,000 copies until July, and became the best-selling album of the year so far this year.

Having a single topping the Billboard Top 10 and earning an Oscar nomination (for her role in the film Up In The Air), Anna Kendrick has an unknown record: she is the youngest artist ever nominated for an award. Tony. It was in 1998 when she starred in the Broadway musical of the same year, Anna was 12 years old.

Anna has become the second artist in history to have these three achievements: Top 10 Billboard, Oscar nominations and Tony. The only former actress and actress is Barbra Streisand. Of course Barbra has a much better career than Anna now, but the coincidence between them is quite interesting.

Anna’s face can make a nice and beloved impression, but in real life the actress is a person of her own personality, fun (which she shows through Twitter) and brave. She told US Magazine that if she was chosen to be a member of Destiny’s Child, she would choose Michelle Williams, the lesser-known member of the group, not Beyonce Knowles.

“I chose Michelle because a lot of people do not consider her to be their favorite member, but it’s great that they always make a bridge for her,” she said.

Anna Kendrick was born in 1985. She played a supporting role in the Twilight series, but became famous when she starred opposite George Clooney in Up In The Air. Her role has been nominated for numerous awards including Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA …
Then, she has a few more impressive roles, like the female lead next to Joseph Gordon Levitt in 50/50 and of course the student rebellious and talented Beca in Pitch Perfect.

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