5 great movies about motherhood

The films on the topic of motherhood is always recurring in cinema as an inexhaustible source. Every day, every month pass through, in every cinema has more work or to people watch together explore and contemplate on the subject. Vast legacy of films about cinema that we will never be able to forget names like Mamma Roma (Italy); Mother (Korea); All About My Mother (Spain); Mamma Mia! (US) or Aftershock (China) … Let us look back to this wonderful film.

Mamma Roma (1962, Italy)

is a masterpiece by director Pier Paolo Pasolini genius, Mamma Roma is always in the top of the best classic films of all time of maternity. The film tells Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani), a women who practice prostitution, wanted to change his life.

Mamma switch to selling vegetables and daily have to work hard with the desire to have can bring a better life for his son 16 years old, Ettore (Ettore Garofolo). However, one day he discovered the truth about his mother and became discontented, stealing and going to jail.

The special thing of Mamma Roma is the director conveys to the viewer the humanism simple but embraces all life, the fate of a woman, that is: whether one is, there past how but when creation options and give them the privilege of becoming a mother, the ropes of motherhood stick also helps them live better, be more responsible for myself and child .

Passionate love, deeply, do not need to say the words that well up in every action, every attention to the son has made a portrait of her mother’s unhappiness became greater than ever.

With a haunting end, the death of Ettore and church bells rang out after Mamma Roma suicide under the sole son makes the pain of loss of the mother as increased many times. Carved chapel bells or sound melodious but crept to the end of the heart, humming, mercy that heavy for thousands?

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Mother (2009, Korea)

No big words, not braced up by the moral sublime, Mother directed by Bong Joon-ho is a track mournful or rather a song ru full of philosophy was taken up heart bleeds.

Set in rural South Korea, the story revolves around old mother (Kim Hye-ja) and son Do-joon (Won Bin) intellectual disabilities. With boundless love of a mother, she has devoted his life to give shelter to the boy missing his luck.

However, the tragedy happened to the mother and child when Do Joon arrested by police for the murder of a high school girl. Know for sure because the guy does not, alone she sought to exculpate son. On the journey to find justice for the Do-joon, his single mother because she has demonstrated her maternal love noble sacrifice acceptable and what price to pay.

Love unconditionally even blindly led to regrettable mistakes. But perhaps no one viewers condemned this mother but only in tune and understand the emotions she went through. Motherhood – the integrity until the last moment perhaps be remembered and cherished to every moment. Perhaps by dramatized a life in some parts unlucky so successful that Bong gave Mother became one of the outstanding works in his career and the whole cinema Made Kimchi .

Mamma Mia! (2008, US)

With yearning to revive the timeless tunes of a legendary band ABBA, Phyllida Lloyd directed creates a Mamma Mia! filled with happiness. Simple story is told through music and connect with beautiful lyrics about the journey to find the father of the young girl Sophie beautiful island in Greece did the viewer to experience the warm family. In particular, viewers see a truth that never changes, no matter how the mother still is a girl who loves most in the world.

Viewers from Meryl Streep surprised when she not only showed excellent acting skills but also for viewers to witness amazing singing abilities around. By inspiring signature vocals, Meryl Streep with her beautiful daughter Sophie, “but for right flange” to strike up the tune loving warmth. Natural yet profound, Mamma Mia has taken the value of motherhood become a constant unchanging.

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All About My Mother (1999, Spain)

is the most outstanding works of Pedro Almodovar in reflecting and dive operators world topic of women. All About My Mother contained a tragedy expressed in a tone of parody, humor to pain. Film viewers see “half the loss of yourself,” or, more precisely, is the deepest in the end think of the women were mothers.

For a single mother, the loss of his own son is a very difficult job to accept. However, when watching this movie people will learn how to overcome great pain was so arrogant challenge life and live the rest of his losing “hope sole” . How viewers perceive in All about my mother is that motherhood look very different, totally different from the film of the same theme. Can be tragic but not desperate and grief from people still realize the meaning of life. Love in a way that is not only useful but also to occupy it go in peace, gently.

Loving son unconditionally but Manuela new behavior is what makes people think. After all, immense love of the poor mother and also spent countless waves of this life is what Almodovar wanted to emphasize in this film. And perhaps why until today when asked about the film take motherhood as inspiration, the All About My Mother is still a pinnacle of modern cinema.

Aftershock (2010, China)

A decision in the final 23 seconds to pay the price and tormented for 30 years lifetime. That is the sadness that Aftershock (Tangshan earthquake) by director Feng Xiaogang brought to his audience. The largest earthquake in the 20th century China’s Tangshan City at the beginning of the journey of pain, torn behind.

Been miraculously escaped death after the horrific earthquake, she was the mother decided to leave in the past has come back to the people who have “abandoned” her. Journey was filled with both tears and bitterly, bitterly. Mother 32 years living in guilt, while the girl’s living with heart pain, hatred. But ropes motherhood is the only reason that two souls suffering through it all to forgive one another, reunite after separation, separation.

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