5 films should not ignore Ryan Gosling

If you are a fan of the handsome actor Ryan Gosling and talent, certainly following five films on the list can not ignore you.

The Believer (2001)

Ryan Gosling made her first film role could not be more thorny when portraying the image of a Jewish boy but turned himself into a name skinhead fanatic neo Nazi. The film is based on a controversial a true story from the 1960s of a KKK member gang was discovered as Jewish by a reporter from the New York Times.

Half Nelson (2006)

Dan Dunne is a young teacher taught the history cum coach of the women’s basketball team Brooklyn school. Contrary to the dynamic style, intellectual insight and control that young teachers may appear, outside the classroom, the life of Dan as across brink with drugs. One day, Drey, a female member of the basketball team, but coach Dan discovers his teacher’s coffee. And so everything started to change … this role, Ryan Gosling made a surprise was nominated “Best Actor” for th 79th Oscars.

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Lars And The Real Girl (2007)

“When I read the script, I cried in the last paragraph … I think this is a story very romantic like is to learn to love something, you do not necessarily need to be in love with the opposite “. Ryan talked about the unusual love story between a lonely boy and the doll that he ordered on the net like that. This is also the role that Ryan liked least until this point.

Blue Valentine (2010)

Someone once said, “You always hurt the one you love”. That was a clear portrayal in this film, through portraits of couples Dean and Cindy, a model of contemporary marriage. Sometimes love just is not enough alone. A role that has made both Ryan and Michelle Williams have to do its best to portray, they even moved to live together in a rented apartment, and spend exactly the amount of income which the two characters in the film earn monthly.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Temporarily leaving the heavy psychological role, sadly, this comedy is a comprehensive change of Ryan. British incarnation plays a girl named Jacob close hand. Steve Carrel starred Cal Weaver, a man failed in marriage, being cuckolded wife and I went to the bar to anxiety. In once accidentally met in a bar, Jacob felt pity for Cal and Cal decided to help learn how to seduce women. Jacob led Cal to go shopping, just for Cal dressing and the art of seduction. Friendship blossomed from there begin … “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is a comedy, romantic quite successfully since last summer, is very suitable for men entertainment on weekends.

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